Looking Ahead to September: 10 Most Anticipated Albums

August is nearly done – thank goodness? Why ‘thank goodness’ you ask – well because the release weeks at times left much to be desired.   September 2014 is definitely promising with a number of new releases. After examining a whole list via amazon.com, here are my 10 most Anticipated albums for September 2014!


1) Maroon 5, V (Interscope) September 2

81wKk1GFETL._SL1500_ I haven’t exactly ‘hearted’ Maroon 5 as much as once did – Overexposed was my least favorite album – but who can resist Adam Levine’s vocals seriously? “Maps” is no “This Love,” but let’s keep our fingers crossed V is truly special.


2) Lecrae, Anomaly (Reach Records) September 9


The Christian rap thing isn’t necessarily my lane (being honest), but I am a fan of Lecrae by all means.


3) Jhené Aiko, Souled Out (Def Jam) September 9


Usually, this guy prefers powerhouse vocals, but Jhené Aiko definitely provides an interesting antithetical approach. Her coolness works, or at least it did on Sail Out EP.


4) Barbra Streisand, Partners (Columbia) September 16


It’s Barbra Streisand – there really is nothing else to say. The legendary vocalist has a fantastic voice STILL at 72 years old.


5) Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek to Cheek (Columbia/ Interscope), September 23


Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga really recorded an album? Amazing. Judging by the track list, it’s definitely in Tony Bennett’s lane, but who wouldn’t want to record with a legend? Plus, after ARTPOP was more lukewarmly received, Gaga likely needs to plan her next career/album move.


6) Tweedy, Sukierae (ANTI), September 23


The Wilco front man is releasing this highly anticipated solo album. Jeff Tweedy is one of the most versatile musicians of the times, and Sukierae should prove to be exceptional.


7) Jennifer Hudson, JHUD (RCA), September 23

817gCL7+rxL._SL1500_ My girl Jennifer Hudson is back with her long-awaited third album, JHUD. “Walk It Out” definitely satisfied me, even if it was more gimmicky than Hudson’s past work, but it wasn’t exactly a radio staple. Hopefully, Hudson really tries to promote this album. R&B has been suffering for sales.


8) Lenny Kravitz, Strut (Kobalt), September 23

51t1+3OitCL It’s a shame more people aren’t on the Lenny Kravitz bandwagon – he’s a truly awesome musician. Regardless is no one else indulges, this guy will be there to buy.


9) Weezer, Everything Will Be Alright in The End (Universal Republic), September 30


Weezer’s last album Hurley wasn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t dissuade me from being excited about a new album from the aging hipsters.


10) Gerard Way, Hesistant Alien (Reprise), September 30


My Chemical Romance is no more, but Gerard Way is still in the house. As Fantasia sang, “It ain’t all bad.”


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  1. j hud missing that money cut. she has achieved alot, though her music just doesn’t hit like that. i expect the same formula from maroon 5. Streisand will do alright regardless if the record is hitting or not. as for lenny kravitz he peaked twenty years back and folks got tired of him being a musical poser and moved on. to his credit for being a BlackArtist able to dominate White Rock Radio is something else. arguably the most important Black Artist on Rock Radio since Jimi hendrix, problem with Lenny is that he just stayed average and never got better or made that funk album he been talking about for decades upon decades, however to his credit he can still put something out. lady gaga had to make this kind of album now because her ship was sinking fast and going gold with the loot they spending on her ain’t near enough.tony bennett keeps it cool

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