Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Is A Raunch-Fest!

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Its here, its here, its HERE – Nicki Minaj’s video for her controversial single “Anaconda.” Forget about “Pills N Potions,” all the focus as of late seems to be about Nicki Minaj’s “Baby Got Back” sampling raunch-fest. Of course, the video doesn’t disappoint. How could it ever disappoint

To recap, Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” was incredibly controversial before it ever was released as a single (musically speaking). The cover art found Nicki Minaj showing of her backside, wearing a G-string. The uncensored version of the cover art was what appeared everywhere initially, before the parental advisory, explicit lyrics emblem came along to ‘cover’ Nicki up.

When “Anaconda” did materialize, it definitely lived up to the hype as Nicki rapped about…um…matters that should be best left in the bedroom…

Nicki Minaj Brings The Filth On Single ‘Anaconda’

So basically the “Anaconda” video is full of a little bit of everything. First of all, it takes place in the jungle, which actually makes perfect since given the reference to the ‘snake.’ Also understandably and unsurprisingly, there is a huge emphasis on assets. The clothing is revealing, perfect considering the entire modus operandi is sex, on both ends (oops, that sounded much filthier than it should of).

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One of the more ‘subtle’ bits of filth is the moment that the milk seems to spill out of the coconut – that’s just so nasty! Obviously, even if the mind isn’t in the gutter, it’s easy to figure out that the coconut milk has ‘significance’ to the song’s theme. There are also two bananas spinning on the turntable – take that however you want it!

While Nicki’s rump shaking is the star attraction, she gets some assistance from her girls, including two whom at one point twerk on one another. For those keeping score, many rappers reference ‘doubling up’ when it comes to girls, so as tasteless as it may be, having two girls twerk fits the cliché. Minaj’s girls also exercise (in the most salacious way), with the focus being on her butt – shocker right?

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But back to Nicki – she’s the star right. She manages to eat a banana, which, surprisingly represents the ‘anaconda’! She also amplifies the sexual vibe by spraying whipped cream from a can on her breast. Making things even nastier is the way she purposely shakes her booty. This is pronounced when Drake makes an appearance to receive his naughty lap dance from Nicki. Yep, ole boy is just sitting there in a chair, waiting for Nicki to drop it on him…SMH!

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Call “Anaconda” something like a cleaner version of porn. Sure, the ‘act’ never happens, but the insinuation and simulation of the stimulation that Minaj raps about is clearly in place. She does just about everything she’s big enough to do without the full-fledged sex occurring. ‘Course, she wouldn’t need sex to occur, isn’t it safe to assume it’s going down later after that steamy lap dance seen. “Ooh baby you want me / cause you could get this lap dance here for free?”

The video is downright raw. Saying it’s not for children or those with some sense of innocence is an understatement.

Photo Credits: © Cash Money Records, © Instagram / nickiminaj

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