Riff Raff, Neon Icon © Mad Decent

Regrettable Albums…Could it Be?

Jennifer Lopez, A.K.A. © Capitol

Sadly, not every album that saw the light of day in 2014 was a winner.  This is no reference to sales, but rather, a reference to releasing the ‘wrong’ album in regards to the material and quality of the album itself.  The 10 artists/albums in a recent starpulse.com post penned by ‘yours truly’ didn’t record an album that allowed them to experience success in other words.  True, many of these albums weren’t lucrative in the sales department, but contrasting a previous starpulse.com post Flop-tastic: 10 Biggest Album Flops of 2014 (So Far), sales are not important.

50 Cent, Animal Ambition © G Unit

If you haven’t checked out the 10 Most Regrettable Albums Of 2014 on starpulse.com, please do!  Furthermore, if you need even more negativity on the music industry front, check out those album flops (keep those views coming).  And if all the negativity is too much of a bummer, well check out Triumphant: 10 Biggest Album Successes Of 2014 (So Far).  And if you just need more of ‘Brent Faulkner‘s’ ‘genius’ writing in your life (who wrote this part?), then make sure you check out his my other blog, located here.  As always thanks brentmusicreviews.com visitors and fans!

Photo Credits:  © Mad Decent (Riff Raff), © Capitol (Jennifer Lopez), © G-Unit Records (50 Cent)

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