The Westboro Baptist Church Unleash Horrid Fall Out Boy Parody

"Falloutboy" by Sayrafob1 - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

The Westboro Baptist Church certainly hasn’t endeared itself to many folks, including many Christians. WBC has been listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and based on the numerous protests they’ve staged and/or attempted to stage, that listing seems justified. The problem with WBC hasn’t been about worshipping God in the least, but rather their judgmental stances. Their website exemplifies the reason why they are listed as a hate group:

Just the sound of the motto that the WBC has established its brand on sounds ugly and un-Christ like. True, years ago, I can remember the ‘other f-word’ being used by some of my friends in middle and high school, but personally, I always found it to be incredibly offensive and arguably worse than the real ‘f-word.’ So yes, I’d rather here the f-bomb than the ‘f-word’ that is both insensitive and just plain ugly. It should be ugly to everyone, honestly.

But this post isn’t really about WBC’s platform, but rather sharing a recent music parody by the organization. After reading a billboard article referencing the parody of Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” and having the pleasure displeasure of listening, I perused on over to the WBCSays soundcloud, which was both a first and last time experience.   On the description below the follow button, the WBC endear as always:

“There are only 2 types of people: Jacobs & Esaus. All Esaus go to Hell. You are probably an Esau. Listen to our songs, parodies & sermons to find out why.”

Unapologetic, the parody of “Thnks Fr The Mmrs,” titled “Thnk Gd fr vrything,” falls into the same category. It’s horrid from start to finish – cringe worthy. If anything was desecrated, it was Fall Out Boy’s original, which may be forever ruined by parody. However, the folks at WBC don’t see it this way:

“Released just in time to personally sing it to FOB at our picket outside their concert at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO on August 9, 2014…You think they’ll invite us onstage to sing this better version?”


Being the complimentary people that they are, WBC includes the lyrics, which might be the juiciest aspect of “Thnk Gd fr vrything.” If the song itself were merely meant to praise God without any strings attached, lyrically, there would be some moments (some being the key word). Ultimately, no Christian is going to argue about “thanking God for everything.” However, WBC state this is a protest song, and any number of lyrics confirm the hypocritical hatefulness of the messaging.

“Look close at your eternal future / but your eyesight is goin’ bad / you’re headed to Hell / follow your lusts and us ignore,” the lyrics read at one point, “Your time to repent… the chaff he’ll fan.” Later, arguably the angriest lyric goes, “You think abomination has some strength in numbers? / Like that Great Whore paying all her lovers / his word is out of mind and his hatred only grows / instead of obeying God, your filthy sins you pursued, whoa.”

So, the members of WBC judges Fall Out Boy themselves, along with judging any and everybody else who is not in their fold. Sounds like the duty of Christians to me – NOT. Honestly, The Westboro Baptist Church provides people everywhere yet another reason to dislike them and what they stand for. For Christians who don’t construct their religion on hate, it makes them look horrible.

Most of the comments, as to expected are pretty salty – and by ‘salty,’ that means there are plenty of f-bombs. There’s also some references to poo (figure that out for yourselves). Maybe people were offended by being called ‘Esau(s)’ and being damned to Hell by men. Isn’t it God’s job only to be doing the damning?

Photo Credits: “Westboro-church1” by Americasroof – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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