Short ‘First Day Back to School’ Post: Have U Spun These?

This post will disappoint many who love writing full of description and depth – particularly the writing of yours truly! Liken this playlist-styled post to the sermonette the pastor preachers in place of the summer – ‘short and sweet.’ Blame it on a busy day and the end of summer vacation (Yep the first day back to school)!

Basically, summer 2014 has delivered some ‘hotties’ – hot songs that is! Here are some that ‘yours truly’ thinks U should have spun or should be spinning – iPod, music streaming service, CDs, maybe even vinyl…

Again was it mentioned there’s not much depth? Short and sweet reactions!

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj, "Bang Bang" © Lava Music/Republic Records

1) Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj, “Bang Bang”


Thoughts: GURL POWER!


 NIck Jonas, Chains © Island

2) Nick Jonas, “Chains”


Thoughts: Mature Jonas!  Find additional thoughts right here.


Spoon, They Want My Soul © Loma Vista / Republic 3) Spoon, “Rent I Pay”

Thoughts: Rent’s not cheap, but must of us have to have a place to stay! But in all seriousness, this one rocks – old school traditional rock-n-roll style!

The Weekend, Often © The Weeknd XO, Inc

4) The Weeknd, “Often”

Thoughts: Don’t let the title fool you – The Weeknd is still referencing sex. Exhibit A, chorus lyrics: “Often, often / girl I do it often / make that p***y pop and do it how I want it…” T.W.Y.P.: Thinking with your pants.

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#AnacondaOniTunes 😘

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5) Nicki Minaj, “Anaconda”

Thoughts: Nicki, you so nasty girl, like totally and literally!


You probably got little out this sermonette, but check out these five joints – if you dare…or want… LOL.

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