Paulleo Shows Tremendous Potential on “New Shyt”

Paulleo • “New Shyt” ft. Sy Ari Da Kid • G.N.M. Entertainment • Release Date: June 18, 2014

Cutting right to the chase, don’t let the title fool you friends, embrace it! Urban producer and singer/songwriter Paulleo truly has the “New Shyt” locked down on his high-flying single. As everyone knows, the age of ‘subtlety’ is no longer upon us, so going along with trends, Paulleo lays it out there (“I’m gon’ introduce you to some new sh-t baby…”) Being honest, personally, before listening, the stones were ready to be cast thanks to the title. Then, once the listening commenced, Paulleo erased all doubts.

Paulleo’s concept isn’t new. Basically, the dude is going to show this girl how he ‘does it’ and she’s going to love it. The theme of “in with the new, out with the old” is tried and true, yet Paulleo flexes with it here. And if he doesn’t get the point across himself, he gets a nice lift from rapper Sy Ari Da Kid.

Ultimately, well-produced, well performed, and definitely enjoyable, Paulleo shows tremendous potential as an artist in his own right. “New Shyt” is the – you know what.


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