Trinidad James Being Dropped Is No Loss

Breaking news folks: Def Jam, according to Trinidad James, has dropped the MC. See the tweet below:

Who is Trinidad James, you ask? Well James rose to fame thanks to a popular, if irresponsible song called “All Gold Everything.” The main attraction of “All Gold Everything” was the line that seemingly reinvigorated the ‘molly’ craze within rap music: “Pop a molly I’m sweating.” If you are still lost, a molly is MDMA, or a form of ecstasy.

For James who hasn’t released an official album (Don’t Be S.A.F.E. is considered to be a mixtape), it is bad news. According to the tweet, James says something that rappers wouldn’t dare utter out of their cocky and confident mouths: he’s broke. A broke rapper – one who isn’t stacking and flexing – it just don’t seem right!

Personally, James’ boot from Def Jam is neither surprising nor disappointing. Sure, no one who has dreams and aspirations wants to have those dreams ripped away. But at the same time, did anyone really consider Trinidad James to have ‘next’?

Other than James’ role in one of the most irresponsible and dumbest rap trends in recent memories and a couple of guest spots (A$AP Ferg’s “Work” and August Alsina’s “I Luv This Sh-t”), what has Trinidad James done to sell himself or enhance hip-hop? Maybe this is being more subjective as opposed to objective, but James never impressed. Think of the great rappers and then examine Trinidad James; they just do not connect.

But being sympathetic, if it is James’ aspiration to be a rapper, hopefully he’ll work hard, step his game up, and prove the skeptics, haters, and label executives wrong. It seems doubtful, but never count anyone out.

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