Music Lists You SHOULD Check Out…Like Totally!

Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions" © Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions" © Cash Money

For those expecting a brand-spanking new post, well this isn’t it… well exactly.  Call it a glorified reblog – of sorts… Just read on if you dare!!!

As an elite blogger/contributing writer at, I am always composing reviews, lists, and evergreen posts that are featured at some point on the main page of the entertainment site.  Often, I try to share some of the more notable posts on – most often reviews and playlists.  Over the weekend, a couple of new music playlist articles were posted.  Obviously, since I composed the lists I think they are worth reading (LOL), but you can judge for yourself.  Partake of the gift that is the playlist in other words…

2 Live Crew, As Nasty As They Wanna Be

The first list is 20 More Of The Dirtiest Rap Songs Ever Made.  This particular list is a follow-up to a previous list, 20 Of The Dirtiest Rap Songs, which was also exclusively penned for  As the name of both list suggest, there are some extremely filthy rap songs featured.  The Original lists has some gems, but the sequel includes some notable omissions, including famed raunchy joints from KhiaMystikal, and 2 Live Crew.  Of course, additional tracks appear from Ludacris, Trina, and Juicy J among others.  If you don’t care for rap or trashiness in music in general, this post may not be your cup of tea.  But if you just want to see my thoughts on these ‘sick’ songs, well, check it out of course – and SHARE!

5 Seconds of Summer © Capitol

The second post is tamer by all means: 15 Must See Music Videos of 2014.  This post is comprised of 15 music videos that are among the most unique of 2014.  Like any list of mine, there are omissions and even a surprise or two, but all 15 videos are interesting and distinct.  Check it out – you might see a music video that tickles your fancy, or just makes you roll your eyes.  And yes, of course “Happy” made the list! It wouldn’t be 2014 without Pharrell Williams, right?

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So in closing, if you found this post a waste of time/disappointing that there wasn’t some strong opinion on Justin Bieber‘s every wrong move (which seems to be every move these days), or Nicki Minaj throwing shade or literally showing her butt (“Anaconda” was delayed folks), well sorry.  But if you need some reading and some sometimes-comical thoughts to tide you over, then check out the prescribed lists.  Here’s your prescription… it won’t cure diseases though, sorry.

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