Review: LW, ‘Extraordinary Revisited’

LW, Extraordinary Revisited

R&B singer/songwriter and producer LW releases a decisively urban LP in Extraordinary Revisited. From start to finish – “rooter to the tooter” – LW shares his self-proclaimed “out of the box” brand of R&B. LW is no household name (YET), but the album definitely shows the audience how robust the artist’s potential and ceiling is. Another plug: LW does everything on this album – production, songwriting, and performance.

“Extraordinary” opens Extraordinary Revisited with solid pieces in place; it definitely possesses tried-and-true R&B cues. That said the opening track could use a hair more finesse overall. Even so, “Extraordinary” breaks no deals and dampens no spirits.

“All Nite Long Remix” is enthusiastic and bright in sound and emotion. The track epitomizes urban music with a dash of old school, adult contemporary R&B. Better than “Extraordinary,” the production is definitely ‘in your face.’ Despite arguably being the slightest bit overproduced, LW successfully conveys his message.

“Love Won’t” benefits from its lushness, not to mention the jazzy quirks of its harmonic scheme. Arguably, it edges out the opening duo. The wheel isn’t reinvented by any means, but “Love Won’t” finds LW ‘doing his thing’ soundly. The biggest rub is the near five-minute duration.

“Blueprint” captures attention, with its wild motion synths. The production is ambitious, arguably a tad too busy. Vocally, LW continues showcasing his skill, but with so many vocal ideas, the ‘blueprint’ may be bit crammed. “Hush Remix” follows, slickly and tastefully produced, allowing LW’s voice to be the focal point. Additionally, the joint makes exceptional use of backing vocals.

“I Be Me Remix” continues with a bold backdrop underlying LW’s vocals. Ornate still, LW is able to ride atop the rhythmic synths without battling them. Still, a fair question is, could “I Be Me” have been even better had it laid back a little more?  “If I Knew” is even better, thanks to assertive/soulful lead vocals, a sick groove, and an anchoring bass line. “If I Knew” is both hip and classic – balanced.

“My World Remix” has some fine cues within the production, not to mention those pipes. “My World” isn’t the “end all, be all,” but it is pleasant. “Can we do it one mo’?” asks LW does on “One Mo Gan.“If I had it my way, I’d do it everyday,” he sings, sensually. LW sparks Ginuwine comparisons on this particular joint that’s unapologetically urban and sexed-up.

“Shorty Remix” has something of a hypnotic quality about the groove. Lush like the majority of Extraordinary Revisited, LW definitely keeps in line within the R&B lane.

On closing cut “Pacman Remix,” LW is definitely in hardcore pursuance of this girl: “…I’m gon be like PacMan, I’m gon’ chase you up and down.” Although the title and concept probably shouldn’t work, the results are quite respectable, enjoyable, and creative.

Ultimately, Extraordinary Revisited is a solid album with some nice moments. Vocally, LW remains consistent, a mark of a gifted artist. One rub at times is  that the set could use more finesse. That said, flaws and nitpicking aside, LW owns his artistic lane and the type of music he wishes to share with the world. Extraordinary Revisit, hence, is a respectable and enjoyable start.  LW is definitely one talented, creative being.

Favorites: “Love Won’t,” “Hush Remix,” “If I Knew,” “One Mo Gan”




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