Common Won’t Be Smiling on Next Week’s Chart

5 Seconds of Summer © Capitol

Unsurprisingly, 5 Seconds of Summer are expected to sell robustly on next week’s chart, locking up the #1 spot. How big, according to Billboard, the prognostication is 250,000, otherwise known as a quarter of million. 250,000 copies, if realized, exceeds the 176,000 copies start for One Direction’s debut, Up All Night. Slip of the tongue bringing in another boy band into the mix.

To 5 Seconds of Summer’s defense, they are not synonymous with One Direction, even it if is a cheap shot all of us skeptical of teen pop/rock acts. There are some similarities, but the biggest comparison point between the two is the youthfulness. 5SOS have definitely already claimed heartthrob status – skinny jeans, lip piercings, and all.

Common, Nobody's Smiling © Def Jam

Common, ironically, will likely exemplify the title of his latest album Nobody’s Smiling with incredibly depressing sales prognostications. Billboard has Common sitting at a tepid 20,000 copies. That’s a shame considering Nobody’s Smiling is an exceptional album from one of rap’s most gifted spitters. …Win some, lose some…

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  1. common never was a big seller per se. he was seen as a step beneath Nas in the sales and also in the game. common got with kayne and he used that as a means to help cross him over and it worked for a while. now he is facing the reality of not being as Jay Z, Snoop and a few other hip hop vet acts that can still sell. common is upon that hybrid as a rapper, actor and author and still can tour. i give him props for longevity

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