5 Takeaways from 5 Seconds of Summer’s Self-titled debut

5 Seconds of Summer © Capitol5 Seconds of Summer are the next One Direction breakthrough boy band big thing. Four teens from Australia have girls’ hearts pitter-pattering. Something that seems universal are heartthrobs and 5SOS seem to have that on lock down – watch out 1D!  After listening and reviewing their debut album, 5 Seconds of Summer (Capitol), here are 5 takeaways about the band/the LP.

1) They are truly a mix of pop and punk aka pop-punk

"5sosuktour2014" by Sharkywoo - Photo taken by original uploader. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:5sosuktour2014.jpg#mediaviewer/File:5sosuktour2014.jpgThat’s right. 5SOS definitely have an edge that One Direction doesn’t (whether they want to be compared or not), but aren’t exactly authentic punk revivalists either. The middle ground, hence, is pop-punk.

2) They (might) enjoy American Apparel Underwear?

americanapparelsouth.tumblr.com1280 × 1717Search by image American Apparel Southern Edition - americanapparel: Men's Boxer Short. June 2012. © American Apparel

“You look so perfect standing there / in my American Apparel underwear…” suggests the underwear brand preference for the Aussies: American Apparel. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect fit – no pun intended, according to an MTV article. Still, feel free to take a stab if you wish whether the guys from ‘Down under; prefer boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, trunks – you get the gist.

American Apparel Finally Respond to 5 Seconds of Summer’s Underwear Lyrics

3) Like most teen guys (and guys in general), girls are on their minds constantly.

The song titles give this away: “She Looks So Perfect,” “Kiss Me, Kiss Me,” “Beside You,” or “Mrs. All American.” Then go deeper within the songs, and the evidence is incriminating – ooh that sounds scandalous! “She sleeps alone / my heart wants to come home / I wish I was, I wish I was / beside you.” You get the picture.

4) They acknowledge their youth, but want to grow up.

Throughout 5 Seconds of Summer, the band reminds the listeners they are indeed youngsters. On “18,they accept they have to wait to grow up, but want to do so in the present. “She told me to meet her there / I can’t afford a bus fare / I’m not old enough for her / I’m just waiting till I’m eighteen.

5) Keith Sweat said it best: “You may be young, but you’re ready.”

By InkwellDesignGroup (Keith Sweat @ BB Kings) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

How exactly is this takeaway different from the previous one? Well, song “Good Girls” has a naughty edge about is both corny, but also advanced for these guys’ ages. “Cos good girls are bad girls / that haven’t been caught.” True, right? Many times just because a girl is considered to be smart, there’s this notion she’s completely goodie two shoes, which isn’t always the case.

Further evidence of this “young, but ready” takeaway goes back to “She Looks So Perfect.” Why is this girl in the guys’ “American Apparel underwear?” Sounds suggestive and freaky… Also revisiting “18,” the flip side of things is that 5 Seconds of Summer are just waiting to age 18 to do whatever they want – literally ‘legally’ whatever they want.

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