12 Awesome Rap Rhymes from 2014

Common, Nobody's Smiling © Def Jam

2014 has been filled with some exceptional one-liners courtesy of any number of rappers. While rap music in 2014 has been as strong as it has been in past years, it still has had its moments and definitely its memorable lines. Here are 12 awesome rap rhymes from 2014 in no particular order. 

1) G-Eazy featuring Remo, “I Mean It” (These Things Happen)

G-Eazy performing at Roseland Ballroom in 2013

“You really think she stay true? I doubt it / cause I’m f*cking your girlfriend, and there’s nothing you can do about it” (G-Eazy, Verse 2)

Although G-Eazy comes over as a bit too ‘full of himself’ on recent album These Things Happen, it’s hard to deny him the satisfaction of pulling off the old “sleeping with your girl” line with flying colors. Rappers (and R&B artists) have been stealing girls for a minute… As G-Eazy says all the time, “these things  happen.”

2) Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z, “The Devil Is A Lie” (Mastermind)

Rick Ross, Mastermind © Def Jam

“F*ck the game raw when I came in it / getting money ever since I came in it / you couldn’t stop me if you tried / motherf*cker cause the devil is a lie” (Rick Ross, Verse 1)

Rick Ross got plain nasty with it on “The Devil Is A Lie,” the best track from Masterminds. In this particular lyric, he manages to relate sex and money to the rap game, and then fittingly, proclaims “the devil is a lie.” The Biblically derived title ends up being blasphemous when Rick Ross claims himself to be “the truth” (wouldn’t that be God?), but who would expect any different?

3) 50 Cent, “Hold On” (Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win)

50 Cent, Animal Ambition © G Unit

“It’s not a big deal to me, stay calm / I’ll shoot the sh*t out of a n***a, then call it Barrel Bonds / but, if I don’t do this sh*t myself, bet I’ll get it done / sh*t on my n***a, you sh*t on me, we of one”

So basically, 50 Cent is saying he’ll willing kill somebody, but if it’s not him, he’ll make sure somebody else does. That’s some deep stuff…

4) Common featuring Vince Staples, “Kingdom” (Nobody’s Smiling)

"20090120 Common at 2009 Obama Home States Inaugural Ball" by TonyTheTiger (t/c/bio/en:WP:CHICAGO/en:WP:LOTM) Original uploader was TonyTheTiger at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons using CommonsHelper.(Original text : I created this work entirely by myself.). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:20090120_Common_at_2009_Obama_Home_States_Inaugural_Ball.JPG#mediaviewer/File:20090120_Common_at_2009_Obama_Home_States_Inaugural_Ball.JPG

“Second row of the church with my hood on / my homie use to rap, he was about to get put on / at his funeral, listening to this church song / his family yelling and screaming, I hurt for ‘em” (Common, Verse 1)

Nobody’s Smiling is an album about the many issues that plague Chicago, where Common is from. On this particular rhyme from “Kingdom,” Common speaks on how upset the family of a deceased rapper is at his funeral and suggests its an everyday occurrence (violence, etc.).

5) Schoolboy Q featuring Kurupt & Tyler the Creator, “The Purge” (Oxymoron)

Schoolboy Q, Oxymoron © Interscope

“…With my strap, that’s my peace offering / five shots get run out, five bodies falling / come put your lights out, I spark your apartment… / Strap on his hairline, his forehead gets softened / send extras through his chest bones, sh*t he don’t need that coffin…” (Schoolboy Q, Verse 1)

Schoolboy Q and company truly do “purge” on this dark, twisted song. On the rhymes featured above, it would be safe to say that Schoolboy Q goes off.

6) Kid Ink, “The Movement”

"KidInkMarch2012" by Magic Rabbit Productions - http://www.flickr.com/photos/magicrabbitproductions/7047687169/. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:KidInkMarch2012.jpg#mediaviewer/File:KidInkMarch2012.jpg

“I know you can feel the movement, moving, It’s nothing more than a movie / all this moment feel like 50, nothing but G’s all in my unit / we built this from the roots, smell like trees all in my room / fire cook the kush in the blunt, get out of the kitchen if it’s too humid” (Verse 1)

Sure, 50 Cent and G-Unit’s popularity have waned in recent times, but you’ve got to give it to Kid Ink for the slick reference. ‘Course, he also manages to reference ganja… LOL

7) YG, “Bicken Back Being Bool” (My Krazy Life)

YG, My Krazy Life © Def Jam

“I’m a real Bompton n***a with a motherf*cking attitude / walk up in the spot, you would think that a n***a mad at you / I was on the block chilling, homies, what’s the mission / came back in a quickness, hoping there wasn’t no witnesses” (Verse 1)

“Bicken Back Being Bool” is an interesting song in itself because it plays up the fact that Bloods don’t say words that begin with the letter C. Here, YG shows off his “attitude” and references violence, if not explicitly.

8) Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem, “Calm Down” 

Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem, "Calm Down" © The Conglomerate Entertainment

What in the fat fishes of a phenomenal Fahrvergnügen f*ck is going on? / back with the B.A. Baracus callous, bang on another song I’mma / have these n***as nervous / And clipping they nails and dribbling and witness them / Nibble them like sunflower seed shells…” (Busta Rhymes, Verse 1)

Busta Rhymes returns in a big way with “Calm Down.” Just select the whole verse and you’ve got the idiosyncratic MC at his best.

9) Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem, “Calm Down”

"Eminem Shanghai graffit" by Sabine Fricke; Graffiti: Unknown - Sabine Fricke. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eminem_Shanghai_graffit.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Eminem_Shanghai_graffit.jpg

“Who raps nasally, eyes hazelly, rhymes crazily / but sounds like he may need some Flonase when he’s speaking? / what kind of stupid question is that? / Hey Mrs. Abraham Lincoln / other than your husband’s fucking brains that were leaking / how’d you think that play was this weekend?” (Eminem, Verse 2)

Eminem goes off too… enough said!

10) Lil Wayne featuring Drake, “Believe Me”

"Drake at Bun-B Concert 2011" by thecomeupshow - Shot by Drew: Drake (The Come Up Show)Uploaded by Skeezix1000. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Drake_at_Bun-B_Concert_2011.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Drake_at_Bun-B_Concert_2011.jpg “Got a verse for anybody wanna take about the clique / I’ve been talkin’ sh*t light, you don’t wanna hear me rip…doesn’t matter, could be winter or the summer / on the road, I do One Direction numbers, I don’t f*ckin’ miss…” (Drake, Verse 1)

Basically, Drake is saying he’s the “hit.”

11) Nicki Minaj, “Pills N Potions” 

Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions" © Cash Money

“Self-righteous and entitled but they swearin’ on the Bible that they love you / when really they no different from all your rivals / but I still don’t wish death on ‘em / I just reflect on ‘em” (Verse 1)

Rather than being vindictive towards haters, Nicki Minaj takes the high road, rising above – definitely a mature move.

12) Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX, “Fancy” (The New Classic)

Iggy Azalea, The New Classic © Virgin EMI Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

“Taking all the liquor straight, never chase that / rooftop like we bringing ’88 back / bring the hooks in, where the bass at? / Champagne spilling, you should taste that” (Verse 1)

Not sure that “Fancy” is the right word to describe one the year’s biggest hits, but Iggy is something.

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