One Standout from Each Trey Songz Album

Trey Songz has released six full-length albums and one EP in his near-decade career.  His most recent album, Trigga, secured Trey Songz his second #1 album on the Billboard 200.  After nearly a decade in the business, why not examine a favorite song – one standout – from each Trey Songz album, including EP Inevitable.  Leggo!

1) “Gotta Make It” (featuring Twista)

from Gotta Make It (2005)

“I can get us out the hood and have us living good / you feel me?”

It’s amazing how incredibly different Trey Songz from the past sounds from Trey Songz of the present.  “Gotta Make It” was a song filled with sincerity – a song about coming-up.

Honorable Mention:  “Ur Behind” 

2)Wonder Woman”

from Trey Day (2007)

“With a back like that you fly like jets / are you my wonder woman”

“Can’t Help But Wait” was the big hit from Trey Day, but the slick, naughty “Wonder Woman” definitely played up Songz’ love of the bedroom.

Honorable Mention: “Can’t Help But Wait” – obviously!

3) Say Aah” (featuring Fabolous)

from Ready (2009)

“Go girl, it’s your birthday / open wide, I know you’re thirsty / say aah…”

Ready, Trey Songz’s breakout album was stacked full of hits.  Any number of songs could’ve landed here, but the infectious club cut “Say Aah” won the battle.

Honorable Mention(s): “Neighbors Know My Name,” “Successful” featuring Drake

4) “Bottoms Up” (featuring Nicki Minaj)

from  Passion, Pain & Pleasure

“Hatin’ a** n***a you can move to the move to the move to the side”

Yes, Can’t Be Friends” had more substance, and “Love Faces” is more lush, but club track “Bottoms Up” was a gargantuan hit and definitely a guilty pleasure. As usual, Nicki Minaj ‘goes off’ on her guest verse.

Honorable Mention(s): “Love Faces,” “Can’t Be Friends,” “Unusual” featuring Drake 


5) “Top of the World”

from Inevitable EP 

“If I could, I would bring the whole hood to the top of the world, with me / is my world for free / trying to give you why you came to see”

Inevitable EP wasn’t much to write home about, but “Top of the World” definitely stood out, even recounting some of the same sentiment of Trey’s early single, “Gotta Make It.”

Honorable Mention: “What I Be On” (the only other notable cut, and yes it’s shallow)


6)  “Heart Attack”

from Chapter V 

“Never knew love / would hurt this f*cking bad / the worst pain I ever had”

Chapter V was another solid Trey Songz album, but it wasn’t quite as good as his previous two full-lengths.  Regardless, “Heart Attack” was rock solid.

Honorable Mention(s): “Dive In,” “Pretty Girls Lie” 

7) “Cake”

from Trigga

“They say you can’t have cake and eat it too, but ain’t that what you s’posed to do?”

Trigga is stacked full of libidinous greatness – or just plain offensive, oversexed R&B depending on how you perceive it.  “Cake” kicks things off naughtily and serves as one of the sets triumphs as well.

Honorable Mention(s): “Foreign,” “Na Na,” “SmartPhones”  



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sorry can’t clap to the broke R.Kelly knock off who to me has made what i call good 106 and park hits, however for all his hype and push, i still ain’t heard a turning point song yet in his catelog.

    1. brent80 says:

      Lol! Well we all know there will only be one R. Kelly! I will say that Trey would have to do something outside of his comfort zone to really draw in new fans and get his continually dwindling sales higher. He’s okay, but I wouldn’t consider him a deep artist by any means. You know what you are getting with him…

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