Chart Blues for R&B Artists

Some artists triumph commercial, while others fail.  While 2014 has had its share of chart triumphs; there have been some big-time chart blues for some artists.  What makes chart failures even more painful is when the artist was previously successful.  Here are some observations from last week’s Billboard 200/upcoming prognostications. 


  • Mariah Carey has the flop of her career on her hands. Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse has been plummeting down the charts, with the latest free-fall being tremendous.  The album feel from #46 to #70, five weeks into its chart stint!  After starting with only 58,000 copies, you can see the blues before your own eyes.


  • Joe begins unimpressively, as Bridges debuted at #17.  Previously, Joe has been a top 10 machine.  Bridges wasn’t well promoted by any means.


  • Jennifer Lopez also has a flop on her hands; A.K.A. free-falls from #8 all the way to #31 in it’s second week. Ouch! To begin with, J. Lo only sold 33,000 copies.



  • Mali Music quietly debuted at #16 with his R&B debut, Mali Is (his third album overall).  The effort falls this week to #52.


  • Both Trey Songz and Robin Thicke are expected to see lower sales for new albums Trigga and Paula.  Trey’s numbers are still respectable should they hold up (90-100,000), but Thicke’s are horrid (20,000).

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  1. joe is a indy act now, so if he clears a 100 thou to 200 thou then that is the equal on a major of going gold especially at this stage and of course his back catelog does business. he doing tours and colabs and i don’t feel he is worried. he seems free and not tripping on a major at this stage of his long career.

    trey gonna go gold though until he steps his game up he will always be seen as a junior whopper R.Kelly clone.

    mariah doesn’t care she won with the emancipation of mimi back in 05 and right now its about trying to get in the hall of fame and hustle the brand. she ain’t pushing it like she had to do in the past.

    jennifer lopez is desperate to still matter and problem is unless its a hot song, nobody is feeling her like that.

    as for thicke, well there is always work at the post office. he used his white privledge as a stalker and sounding borederline sane on this album which ain’t attracting paula let alone much of anyone else. he needs to go ahead and do the smooth his side of town eric benet meets el debarge tribute show to marvin gaye. because unless he got another lost without you in him, than blurred lines will look like the fluke song many folks think he got considering he ain’t never really burned up no charts.

    acts just need to step their game up and that is what the buying public is saying. none of those albums merit the waste of time to file share aside from joes and even his ain’t quite got that money track.

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