Review: Trey Songz, Trigga (Link)


We know who had the best R&B album of the week.  No it’s not Robin Thicke‘s Paula – it’s Trey ‘Trigga Songz.  After teasing a written review and filming some video commentary , the official Brent Faulkner review for Trigga has arrive – “Applause” please!

You can read the analysis of this lustful, salacious, libidinous, sensual, and sexual tour de force exclusively at  Just click the following link, and you are on to analytical, review glory – with some fun too!  Review: Trey Songz Triumphs On ‘Trigga’ –

And if you want to hear this ‘Brent Faulkner’ guy talk, well you can always check out his humble video commenting about Trigga too…if you really want to.  LOL!

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