Ed Sheeran Comes Up, Trey Songz’s Got Next

As expected, Ed Sheeran had a fantastic sales week for sophomore album X.  The British singer/songwriter ended up selling 210,000 copies.  Compared to the numbers the #1 album the same week from last year moved (Wale‘s The Gifted sold 158,000 copies),  Sheeran outperformed.  Last week, I composed a review for Sheeran’s X at starpulse.com, which you can read here.  Other artists debuting in the top 10 with respective albums include G-EazyMastodon, and Phish.   You can read my analysis of the chart numbers/sales trends at the following link: Ed Sheeran’s Excellent Chart Numbers: This Week in Music – Starpulse.com.

81-QTfyiegL._SL1442_Despite prognostications indicating lower sales than his previous album Chapter V,  Trey Songz looks to be on his way to another #1 album.  Within Billboard’s forecast article, there is no mention of a second R&B singer releasing an album this week. Yes my friends, that would be Robin Thicke, who’s Paula just may rank among the worst albums of the year. Paula seems like it will debut a far cry from the 177,000, #1 start for Blurred Lines

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my special video commentary for both Robin Thicke and Trey Songz’s album.  Also, check out my written review for Robin Thicke’s Paula here.  Finally, be on the look out for the Trey Songz written review!

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