How Legit is this Chad Future Dude?

Chad Future (actual name is David Lehre) is one fascinating individual – perhaps that’s an understatement. The ambitious twenty-five year old is an aspiring K-Pop singer.  Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but Chad is not Korean but American.  Gasp! Naturally, this creates a stir about how legit the pink-haired, rapping, YouTube personality is, but if nothing else, having the guts to bring K-Pop stateside is ambitious.

Evaluating Chad’s legitimacy is difficult because of a grey area.  The lack of knowledge of many critics and stateside listeners about K-Pop makes Chad’s potential career something of a case study.  Among the list of questions include does K-pop become a sub-genre of pop within the United States given the artist’s contributions, or does it merely assimilate as another trend in pop circles, sure to permeate throughout?  A bigger question is, does Chad Future change the face of music in general?

That last question is deep and over-analytical at this point.  Only a select few have been privy to Chad Future at this point.  His introduction becomes a bit more pronounced as The First Mini Album – EP hit retailers on June 30, 2014.  Released via Chad Future’s own Vendetta Studios (make sure to watch his “50 Random Facts About Me” video), for many, The First Mini Album is the first taste of Chad Future’s musical lane.

If nothing more, single “Got It Figured Out” featuring Korean artist Nu’est Aron is entertaining.  A music video hit Youtube the same day the EP dropped.  Yeah, it’s corny and schmaltzy as Chad Future and Nu’est Aron trade raps, but it’s also enjoyable.  Whether it’s legit K-pop comes into the picture once more, as does artistic stability with nonconformity, but Chad Future seems to have something working for him besides hot pink hair…

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