The Legendary Bobby Womack Dies

Bobby Womack performing on Orange Stage with Gorillaz on Roskilde Festival 2010.

Bobby Womack (1944 – 2014) 

The music world lost a truly gifted, legendary musician in Bobby Womack, 70, who died on Friday, June 27, 2014.  Womack, a gritty, passionate vocalist, was known for soul hits including “Looking for a Love,” “Check it Out,” and “That’s The Way I Feel About You.Womack also has a mean cover of “Sweet Caroline” that shouldn’t be overlooked either!

#2 R&B (#27 Billboard Hot 100) single “That’s The Way I Feel About You” is an oft-covered Bobby Womack song, co-written by Womack alongside Jimmy Grisby, John Grisby, and Joe Hicks.  “That’s The Way I Feel About You” appeared on Womack’s 1971 album, Communication.

Gerald Levert and Mary J. Blige covered the classic on Levert’s Love & Consequences (1998).  Underrated R&B singer Calvin Richardson dedicated an entire album, Facts of Life: The Soul of Bobby Womack to the musician in 2009, including “That’s The Way I Feel About ‘Cha.”


In 2012, Womack would release what would be his final album, The Bravest Man in the Universe, led by single “Please Forgive My Heart. The album would bow at number 181 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart.  The Bravest Man in the Universe wasn’t you standard or expected retro-soul album, but rather something of an alternative, progressive soul effort with plenty of nods to the past but a foot in the door to the future.

Innovative spirit wasn’t completely far-fetched for Womack, who contributed to track “Stylo” from alternative group Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach.  In 2013, Womack was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Bobby Womack, a member of the rock and roll hall of fame, transcended the confines of soul music.  He was truly versatile – a master of his craft, be it singing or songwriting.  One thing’s for sure – there’ll never be another Bobby Womack.

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  1. the musical link between Sam Cooke and R.kelly. deep on that soul and corn bread tip and you felt what he was saying and putting it down. and his book was a stone cold trip. he was one of the greatest R&B acts ever

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