Review: 3D The Boss, ‘Lollapalooza’

3D The Boss, Lollapalooza

3D the Boss delivers an interesting LP with their unique mix of ‘a lil bit of everything’.
3D The Boss • Lollapalooza • Messenger Music Group / I AM PR Agency

Atlanta, Georgia Trio 3D The Boss represent the current sound and vibe of pop music: a little bit of this, a little bit of that, all compiled together into one big something (for lack of a better word). The group, comprised of The-O, Chanda Leigh, and David E. Beats, definitely hits on several styles throughout their album, Lollapalooza. Some hip-hop here, some EDM-influenced pop there, and of course some R&B balladry thrown in the mix as well makes the album both eclectic and scattered, but most importantly, enjoyable. Hey, aren’t most pop albums today a group of ‘separate’ records? Well, Lollapalooza proves to be no different, which ultimately serves as a strength. 

3D The Boss
3D The Boss 

“Lollapalooza” has all of the characteristics of modern pop: electronic-oriented production, an irresistible, infectious hook, and of course some rhymes. The cut is slickly produced, while the vocals expected employ pop’s best friend, pitch correction. Ultimately, the track isn’t the second coming or ‘brand new’, but it is by all means pleasing to the ears; it makes you happy. Similarly, “Win!” doesn’t reinvent pop, but does ‘flex’ based upon its trendy formulas. Again, the production borrows EDM cues wtih 3D the Boss exemplifying their Black Eyed Peas sensibility. Perhaps “Win!” isn’t championship caliber, but the potential and basics are firmly in place. After the pop-driven “Lollapalooza” and “Win!”, the opening rap of “Could It Be The Money” gives the set a bit more oomph. Sure, it’s still very much pop at heart, but there is a bit more of a contemporary R&B/hip-hop edge. The contrast is a welcome one.

The use of guitar is a nice touch within the slick production of “Dancing With Me”, an innocent track with vocals suggesting otherwise. During the verses, the vocals are staccato and breathy, hence emitting a hint of naughtiness. The chorus is golden; who would expect anything less from a pop act or a pop song? Even an up-tempo pop album can use a ballad. For 3D The Boss, it’s the lovely “Natasha”, intact with guitars, strings, and the expected adult contemporary R&B cues. Vocally, “Natasha” is tenderly executed, with the power arriving towards the back half of the cut. While I’m a tad skeptical if “Natasha” is as fully developed as it could be, the pieces, potential, and overall song are definitely there. If it receives no other accolades, “Nikukonda [I Love You]” receives the prize for the most uniquely titled offering from 3D the Boss. Another song indulging into the use of guitar, there is a bit of predictability. Even so, the vocals are lovely (particularly that killer falsetto) and the chorus addictive and uplifting (“My life Nikukonda”).

3D The Boss
3D The Boss

“Merry Go Round” returns Lollapalooza to more up-tempo, electro fare; another ballad might’ve killed the vibe. You know how the “rhythm is gonna get you?” Well, it definitely gets you here! Again, “Merry Go Round” isn’t a dance-pop cut that trumps all others, but it definitely has me nodding my head and tapping my foot. The rap is nice contrast for sure. “BBGG [Big Boys, Good Girls]” instantly captures one’s attention given its jazz-leanings, later buttressed by a hip-hop beat. If any cut from this set exemplifies swag, its definitely this clever joint – good stuff. Penultimate cut “Killa” is a hip-hop cut, once more contrasting any number of tracks on the set. “Killa” is brief, clocking in under three minutes. It’s not a favorite per se, but it doesn’t break any deals either. Then there was one, “3D Life”, which concludes the set much the way it opened – poppy. And shocker – it is different from “Killa”!

All in all, Lollapalooza has its moments – some great ones. Over its tight 34-minute course, 10 tracks deep, the trio offers worthwhile material. That said, Lollapalooza is an effort chocked full of potential that can be even further developed, creating an even more cohesive, thrilling LP. Still as it is and as a starting point,3D the Boss ‘get it done’ with their unique mix of a little bit of everything.

Favorites:“Lollapalooza,”“Dancing With Me,”“Natasha”and “BBGG [Big Boys, Good Girls]”


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