Is (Was) Justin Bieber A Racist? 

After the infamous chainsaw/run n—er run joke heard ‘round the world, Bieber has taken plenty of heat. Is it deserved for a video made five years ago – well, both sides are legitimately arguable. I mean, who hasn’t done dumb things when they’re a teen, particular teen boys? Still, the other side questions why saying something carrying such hatred was cool, even as a 15-year old. What is inarguable is Bieber definitely shouldn’t be making jokes using the n-word. Actually strike that – he shouldn’t be making any jokes period! I mean, where is the real humor Biebz – no ‘swaggy’ hurr. But it is what it is. The first time, I was more ‘unfazed’ by Bieber’s actions than say angry/offended because (1) it did occur five years ago and (2) he was / and still is DUMB. That said, now Bieber supposed asserts he owns up to this latest f-up as a second video appears, which personally is more offensive.

The latest video, Bieber decides to parody his schmaltzy, love song “One Less Lonely Girl” from his debut EP, My World (2009). Obviously, this is a watered down relationship song, aimed towards young girls, pre-teen girls, and maybe some teen girls (maybe…). Anyways, there is nothing remotely questionable about this song. Like every other teen boy in American, Bieber is thinking about girls, girls, girls. No problem here kiddo. The problem is when a perfectly good love song is transformed into one of hate, even if Bieber’s intent was some kind of twisted humor. He replaces “girl” with, you guessed it, the n-word. “One less lonely n—er…If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK/ There’ll be one less lonely n—er”. Again, an incredibly foolish Bieber thinks he’s making/recreating exceptional parody, which in itself is disgusting. Equally alarming are people in the video who truly think this shhh is funny. WTF! If there weren’t enough reasons to dislike Bieber, this video showing this kid referencing the KKK takes the cake.

Justin Bieber-20140520-121Honestly I think that Big Sean has got the right idea on Ariana Grande’s “Problem” in regards to Bieber in his current and perhaps earlier state: “I’ve got one less problem without you”. I quote the song lyric to say, Justin Bieber needs a serious intervention; he mostly needs to sit down somewhere. He definitely needs media training, but perhaps more importantly, he really needs to get a clue about real life. I don’t think that Bieber is a racist (‘course you never know, ‘specially these days), but I do believe that Bieber definitely suffers from affluenza. Sure, this was five years ago and he was a kid, but perhaps this unknowing irresponsibility was foreshadowing Bieber’s current, atrocious behavior. Maybe Bieber always possessed the propensity to make such horrid decisions. Ultimately, all Bieber can do here is sincerely apologize – there is no need for him to run to a black church or put on some kind of front. HOWEVER, This would probably be (more) forgivable IF Bieber didn’t have a colorful history of controversy. He’ll get no sympathy from this guy – and I mean NONE.

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  1. donald sterling of music and he knows what he did and said. cat even told him not to do it. and even sadder Usher is moonwalking and not taking a stand and why? because alot of black acts today endorse said word and also give this turkey a pass. its sad

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