Opinion: Why Bieber’s ‘Distasteful’, ‘Racist’ Joke Doesn’t Faze Me

Justin Bieber performs live in concert as part of his 'Believe Tour' at the Jos Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Carolina 10/20/2013 © WENN
Justin Bieber performs live in concert as part of his ‘Believe Tour’ at the Jos Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
Carolina 10/20/2013

At this point, I’m not fazed by anything that Canadian pop star Justin Bieber says or does. The allure of covering Bieber’s every mistake, feeding the monster’s celebrity even more sort of faded. I spent 2013 analyzing the missteps, the inexperience at life, and that horrid Believe Acoustic LP and it was exhausting! It’s sort of like Bieber’s career right now – there’s nothing worthy to note at this point. In other words, I.D.G.A.F. (insert another “F” for extra emphasis). That said, it has been a minute since Bieber got some ‘love’ from me. So maybe a five-year old video of an immature 15-year old making a racist joke caught on camera is worthy of my time … not really, but I’ll go with it.

So basically, Bieber decided to flex his then 15-year old comedic muscles by making a joke that was nowhere near funny using the n-word (“run n-” – yeah I count even have to finish it). I’m personally not a fan of the word in any form, and normally I’d be angry and perhaps a bit offended. This time, however, I’m unfazed. As mentioned previously, I’m no longer shocked by anything Justin Bieber has or will do. Perhaps if I had a more favorable view of Bieber as a person than I do currently, I might be disappointed in him. However, Bieber’s horrendous growing pains have shown everyone that there is no reason to be disappointed; Bieber is/was “No Angel” (Dido). Bieber’s reputation has been tarnished for a while; this definitely wouldn’t be and isn’t the “end all, be all”. I’d even go so far as to say, he’s done worse things than this.

The second reason I’m less affected by this ignorance is that this was recorded five years ago. TMZ has had the tape in possession since it happened, but wouldn’t release it given the pop star’s age at the time. While I don’t put much past Bieber these days and while I also believe Bieber has a lot of growing up to do, I would HOPE this would be something Bieber wouldn’t do at 20 years old, particularly given the crew he rolls with. No I’m by no means defending him or the ignorance he stated, but at this point, I’m “Over It” – Katherine McPhee. I’m more interested in that weed video with One Direction – just saying!

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  1. i hold him accountable and believe me after donald sterling and other folks in show business or entertainment,etc. you gotta be cool with what you say. problem is saying the word gets swept under the rug until he does something to mock or make a direction which is even worse. he is a marginal talent to me and he knows what he is saying and its not all on him because the industry and black entertainers and artists gotta stand against using a negative word to allow this mess to getting a pass. no pass from me and Bieber ain’t nothing special

    1. brent80 says:

      I agree that black entertainers do need to take a stand against such mess. I also agree with your assessment of Bieber! Basically, I’m sick of his antics.

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