Numbers:  Mariah Carey’s …The Elusive Chanteuse Expected to Underperform


Unstoppable Ghost Stories…  

Chris Martin-20140324-42As much as I hate to say it (and I do) Mariah Carey’s fortunes with latest LP Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse are looking grim… DUN, DUN, DUN! has already practically “signed, sealed, delivered” another chart-topping week for Coldplay, even if the erosion is near the 80% mark.  Coldplay sold 383,000 copies this week to easily top the Billboard 200 Albums Charts, meaning even a sub-100K selling week in its sophomore frame is likely to keep it in that number one spot.

Mimi’s Misfortunes…

So how many copies is Carey’s first album in five years expected to move based on early indications? Billboard prognosticates 60,000 – 65,000.  Yuck… and honestly, probably Mimi’s camp is thinking another word instead of ‘yuck’.  For a prodigiously talented, formerly commercially successful artist like Carey, the expectation is always going to be moving six figures.  Even in the ‘new normal’ recession era of album sales, the fans who have stayed with Carey throughout the years wish she could pull out big numbers and remain atop the game forever.  Sadly, that is not the case with most artists, even one as big as Carey.

Mariah Carey2-20140214-42As mentioned previously, Carey’s album has a lot working against it.  Delayed albums almost always suffer, and The Elusive Chanteuse looks to be no different.   Singles have underperformed tremendously for Carey, with the one notable hit “#Beautiful” coming a ‘minute’ ago (aka last year).  Another factor, for those who are purist and love a physical CD still (particularly late twenty/thirty somethings), is the cost of Carey’s latest album.  There were no $9.99 deals to be found on the standard edition – I ended up purchasing mine at Target for $12.99 (the Target edition of the deluxe ran at $16.99).  If I liked my music censored (no shade…or just a little shade), I could’ve purchased the standard edition at Walmart on sale for $11.88/$16.88.  At Best Buy, the standard ran $13.99 with the deluxe extremely ambitiously priced at $19.99 (Phew!).  At FYE, the standard ran at $14.99, while the deluxe was $17.99.  Still, wherever a physical purchase was offered, one was going to pay for Mimi.  Regardless, Carey had time working against her: delays, extended hiatus, and perhaps age/no longer being the ‘face’ of pop/R&B.

Mahone Should Smile Next Week

81Zj5MZlApL._SL1500_Austin Mahone should be in better spirits than Mariah Carey, even if his sales projections are more modest.  Billboard suggests the teen pop heartthrob should fall into the 45-50K range.  Those aren’t profound, earth shattering numbers, BUT this is Mahone’s first hurrah.  Additionally, what is less troubling than Carey’s numbers is that Mahone is presenting an eight-song EP, not a full length album containing up to 18-tracks.   Still, the biggest winner of next week’s chart looks to be that British band led by a falsetto-loving front man who plays the piano.

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  1. stick a fork in her now because,delayed dates, and 3rd tier material and still trying to appeal at this stage and point ain’t cute. she had a re birth back in 05 however thats been almost ten years ago and folks have moved on and Mariah is old news and seen as grandma’s music at this time and point.

    1. brent80 says:

      I think you nailed it there! I knew the numbers were going to be bad…

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