Coldplay and Brantley Gilbert Electrify the Billboard 200 

Coldplay, Ghost Stories © Parlophone

Coldplay and Brantley Gilbert had stellar weeks.  Coldplay takes top honors on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, moving a robust 383,000 copies of sixth LP Ghost Stories.   Even with the impressive bow, Coldplay has had larger weeks, including a high watermark of 737,000 copies for X&Y back in 2005.  Still, with the way music is selling these days, 383,000 copies is magnificent.  So is the 211,000 copies that Brantley Gilbert moved for the no. 2 spot with album Just As I Am.  Honestly, I knew little about Gilbert or the release, but perhaps this music journalist should’ve paid closer attention!


After Coldplay and Gilbert, things are less impressive – specifically sub-100,000 copies.  After Michael Jackson (Xscape), Frozen soundtrack, The Black Keys (Turn Blue), and Now 50, Phillip Phillips lands at no. 7 with 41,000 copies of sophomore album Behind the Light sold.  Behind the Light over performed a prognosticated 35,000 copies start, but underwhelms compared to the 169,000 copies that greeted The World from the Side of the Moon.  Can’t win ‘em all, apparently.  Another soundtrack graces the top ten: The Fault In Our Stars debuts at no. 8 with 34,000 copies sold.

On the Billboard Hot 100, “Lady Patra” aka Iggy Azalea hits no. 1 with popular single “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX.  Azalea also sits pretty a no. 2, only she provides the assist to Ariana Grande on the infectious “Problem”.  Johnny boy’s days at the top of the Hot 100 (John Legend that is) are done… It happens to everyone – really!


Who’s got next? Mariah Carey’s Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse is “kind of a big deal” as is Austin Mahone’s debut EP The Secret.  Furthermore, don’t count out a still solid second week from Coldplay and perhaps even Brantley Gilbert.

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