The Black Keys and Michael Jackson Expected to Top Charts Next Week


Unsurprising, two familiar savvy chart performers – The Black Keys and Michael Jackson – are expected to reside in the top two spots on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.  I predicted this before reading the official predictions from Billboard – go me! Previously, I wrote that likely these two power releases would help to infuse some more life into the music industry.  Well, only to a certain extent… this is where my sharpness sort of fell off…  Currently (according to, The Black Keys are being prognosticated around 150,000 copies (Turn Blue) while Michael Jackson is being prognosticated slightly less at 140,000 copies (Xscape).  Both albums seem as if they will underperform the numbers for each act’s previous set.  Bummer, bummer, bummer!

Michael Jackson, Xscape

Both of these albums seem like they have the potential to sell more.  However, would it be surprising if the late King of Pop opened up those modest numbers even more and overtook the Keys? I wouldn’t be surprised – it is Michael Jackson, even in a posthumous setting.  On the other hand, The Black Keys could also outperform expectations as well, though I doubt they’d come close to achieving the numbers that greeted El Camino.  Hopefully, both albums get more buyers and stimulate stagnate music industry in 2014.  Even the ‘bigger’ releases have seemed to fall flat as a pancake.  It is sad and would be even sadder if two highly anticipated releases such as these don’t live up commercially to their potential or ceiling.  But as is my motto of late, “it is what it is”.

Remember those days when gargantuan releases sold several hundred thousand copies, even a million? Yep, those days seem to be behind us…sigh.

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  1. folds says:

    Michael Jackson is definitely the king. Every time i listen his songs i feel as he is still alive. Definitely one of the best pop music stars ever!

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