YouTube Video Love: Peter Hollens Beautifully Interprets “The Phantom Of The Opera”


Peter Hollens is at it again – captivating the world of YouTube with his exceptional, nuanced pipes.  Brentmusicreviews has nothing but love for Hollens, as he has been featured previously for his cover of Dark Horse with Sam Tsui.   Additionally, from an educational standpoint, Hollens’ chilling and radiant interpretation of the beloved sea shanty “Shenandoah” served as an exemplary musical/vocal performance, when my fourth grader elementary music classes were learning/singing the classic.  If Hollens hadn’t already impressed me with the breadth of his musicianship, he truly gave me chills by covering my favorite musical of all time, Phantom of the Opera along with his wife, Evynne Hollens.

The medley assembled by the Hollens opens with the dark, intense title track, with Peter delivering brilliant, liberal vocal harmonies underneath Evynne’s best “Christine” (“In sleep he sang to me…”).  Smoothly, there is a transition to Peter taken the lead on duet “All I Ask Of You” as “Raoul” with Evynne once more impressing.  Of course, the chords formed by Hollen’s a cappella vocal layering remains intact.  Then comes my mother’s personal favorite: “The Music Of The Night”. Here, Peter channels his inner Michael Crawford, adding a spin with its underlying jazzy harmonies.

I could analyze (and likely overanalyze) the Hollens’ medley of the musical, but after giving an idea of what to expect through viewing/listening, I’ll let the performance do all the talking for it self.  If you haven’t subscribed to Peter Hollens on YouTube, well, you are definitely missing out on a truly talented, musical gem.  Speaking as a musician myself, Hollens offers something different and more than many pop stars do.  Just saying!

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