Playlist: 10 Secular-Minded Religious-Referencing Rap Songs


“I know we in church, and the way that I’m thinking wrong”, Compton MC Game spits on “Hallelujah”. Earlier, on the same album (Jesus Piece) on a track entitled “Church”, Game spits as follows: “I’m tryin’ to go to church / get some chicken wings, after that hit the strip club / see some hoes, twerk…” Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! How many times have you been to church and had impure, blasphemous thoughts pop into your mind? OR, how many times have you transformed something holy into something devilish? Well apparently, rappers practice this too frequently. Talk about some sinners, ladies and gents! Here are 10 secular-minded religious-referencing rap songs. Two of the songs do have ‘redeeming’ qualities; not saying they’ll ‘save’ you or anything like that!




Game ft. Jamie Foxx

Jesus Piece


Game is certainly not witnessing on “Hallelujah” – well at least he’s not witnessing for spiritual reasons. He becomes even more blasphemous by dropping the M.F. bomb in the middle of the word illustrated as follows: “Halle-motherf**king-lujah”. Then throw in Jamie Foxx’s lascivious-sounding falsetto and all hell breaks loose. It’ll take lots of hail Marys to even think about atoning for that! And that’s only one joint off an album entitled Jesus Piece!

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Meek Mill ft. Drake

Dreams and Nightmares


“I just wanna thank God / for all the pretty women he let into my life…” Meek Mill isn’t talking about church services – at least those affiliated with God or The Bible. Mill is referencing the club and all the ‘sins’ that can be associated with it (women, alcohol, guns, etc). The collection plates aren’t for tithes and offerings, but rather Mill seems to be popping bands, among other things… I mean, usually, hymns don’t refer to “a lot of bad b*tches in the building…” That said, Delilah was something else, Biblically speaking.



“In God We Trust”

Meek Mill

Dreams and Nightmares


No need to overthink a second consecutive sinful Meek Mill joint – just pull out any dollar value out of your billfold and you’ll see what Mill seems to be focus on. Akon said it well on Wyclef Jean’s “Sweetest Girl (Dolla Bill)”: “Cause I’mma tell you, like Wu told me / Cash rules everything around me…” To make “In God We Trust” even more devilish, listen to the hellish production work – there’s nothing celestial about this one!



“New God Flow”

Kanye West ft. Pusha T & Scarface

Good Music Cruel Summer


Talk about utter blasphemy – OMG! (*Gets on knees to ask for forgiveness for even listening*) “New God Flow” goes so far as to even sample a sermon and then proceeds to reference false idolatry. I mean, just listen to Pusha T’s opening lines from his verse: “I believe there’s a God above me / I’m just the god of everything else / I put holes in everything else / new God flow f*ck everything else…” SMH! 



“Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)”


The Gifted


To Wale’s credit, he has good intentions in mind (at least partially) with “Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)”. He’s not like Meek Mill on “Amen”, who is thinking with his pants, wallet and “finna kill n***as in the building”. “Jesus piece…But don’t nobody want know Jesus’ peace,” Wale spits on the hook, playing cleverly on words. While Wale won’t be the next great Christian rapper, there’s a worthwhile message here compared to some of the other joints on this playlist. Too many peeps are too focused on material things as opposed to embracing Jesus and his teachings.



“I Am A God”

Kanye West



It’s easy to label Kanye West as an arrogant person given his opinionated persona. He’s even more confident and dislikable on “I Am A God”, where he asserts just what the title suggests. Folks, specifically Christians, would’ve been angrier, however, had West proclaimed himself to be “God”. Just look no further then the Ten Commandments Biblical scholars: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Even if West is a ‘god’, he’s put himself on a pedestal, and that’s not pleasing to the most high.



“Thank God”

Ice Cube

Raw Footage


While Ice Cube doesn’t make huge reference to Christianity within “Thank God”, his pitfall is including God’s name and then thanking God for what many a pastor would say is “the wrong thing”. SMH! Cube ‘gives honor to God’ through carelessly, often emptily used statement “Thank God”, but follows it with “…that the gangster’s back”.   On an album entitled Raw Footage by one of the most electrifying, bold rappers of all time, well, there’s not many prayer petitions or genuine praises being sent up here. Fox News would pounce on this one like a lion after it’s prey.



“Rap God”


The Marshall Mathers LP 2


“Rap God” brings another religious-referencing rap track and yet another instance of false idolatry – #SMFH. Yes, we (the hip-hop generation) all know that Eminem is one of the best and out raps most. But again, did he have to put himself on a pedestal? A ‘rap god’ he is, but can’t he find some better way to put it so he doesn’t violate the scripture?



“Ten Jesus Pieces”

Rick Ross ft. Stalley

God Forgives, I Don’t


Materialism describes Rick Ross to a tee. The man loves his money. If you’ve never heard his joint with Gucci Mane called “All About The Money”, then you should – he’s counting those Benjamins like its nothing. In fact, you don’t even have to go outside of Ross’ discography – check out the nasty “Money Make Me Come” from Trilla. Anyways, “Ten Jesus Pieces” does have several messages beyond the money, but the money is in play too. Stalley exhibits his guilt, but doesn’t wish to change just yet: “It’s better things I could talk about or put my money towards / but for now, I’mma wear these ten chains and floss.” Backtracking, Rick Ross to his credit states he’s not God: “God forgives, He’s so honorable / But living amongst thieves and n***as like myself / you will not have that luxury”. God Forgives, I Don’t. 



“Jesus Walks”

Kanye West

The College Dropout


“Jesus Walks” is in a similar category to Wale’s “Golden Salvation”. There are many pros to take away from West’s messaging. Still, not many churches would smile about lines like “we eat pieces of sh*t like you for breakfast” or “N***as! Might jack your Lexus”. Then there’s his amendment of scripture: “I walk through the valley of the Chi where death is…” Still the hook shows promise: “(Jesus Walks) / God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down…I want to talk to God but I’m afraid because we ain’t spoke in so long”. Like the old hymn states, “to the upmost, Jesus saves!” 

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