3 Quick Musical Takeaways for Tuesday May 12, 2014

Solange Knowles-JTM-066713

Takeaway #1

  • Solange went all ‘angry black woman’ on Jay-Z, while Beyoncé maintained her normal demeanor as her man was being attacked… Hmm, so much for having “99 Problems and a b**ch ain’t one”.  Apparently, the younger Knowles is the feistier one of the two, unleashing her inner firecracker for the entire world to see.

Miley Cyrus 3-20140507-159

Takeaway #2

  • Miley Cyrus’ shock value knows no end!  She truly “came in like a wrecking ball” in 2013, and has yet to stop.  Maybe she should STOP as her antics and necessity for attention have become annoying and predictable at this point/ Anyways, whether it’s trashing her ex-fiancé or simulating sex on an inflatable nether body part (André 3000 would reference this as “the love below”), Miley’s antics truly know no end.


Takeaway #3

  • My boo (I can dream can’t I?), Jazmine Sullivan is back in the music game with new single “Dumb” featuring Meek Mill.  Her voice is still popping, just like that “Lip Gloss” Lil Mama rapped about a couple of years back.


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