Playlist: Five Jams You Should TOTALLY Be Spinning

Ariana Grande-20140502-46

Ah, sometimes there’s nothing like good music to atone for a bad day  – or make good day even better for that matter.  Many great tunes have graced my playlist lately.  While I’d love to share and analyze them all, that’s like TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  But, here are five jams you should like totally be spinning – TOTALLY!



“Turn Down For What”

DJ Snake & Lil Jon

…Because you should never, ever “turn down” – NEVER! What more is there to say – “Turn Down For What”!  Yeah, it’s been out for a couple of months, but it’s still feel-good music.




Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

No “problems” to be found here in the least! There’s nothing short of swag courtesy of Ariana and Iggy.  Grande has absolutely sick pipes while Azalea shows all the haters she can spit.   



“Walk It Out”

Jennifer Hudson featuring Timbaland 

Jennifer Hudson was already “doing it up right” when she was belting out huge adult contemporary R&B ballads.  Here, she ‘loses her cool’ (in a good way) and lets some profanity slip in process against Timbaland’s gimmicky, distinct production.





If there was a fear that “The Purple One” had lost some of his oomph, “THE BREAKDOWN” silences that myth.  If the balladry of “THE BREAKDOWN” isn’t enough itself, just wait for Prince to flaunt his masterful falsetto – women will still be swooning.



“No Rest For the Wicked”

Lykke Li featuring A$AP Rocky

I’m not sure if Lykke Li is really “wicked”, but the song is – “wicked good!”  Sure, Lykke Li holds it down sans A$AP Rocky’s verse (on the remixed version), but he definitely keeps it “G”:  “Pretty motherf*cker from the north pole / jiggy motherf*cker but my heart cold / and the rest washed up like bar soap / Tell her read between the lines like a bar code…”

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