Could Mariah Carey’s New Album Flop?


Years ago, the notion that one of today’s most gifted, preeminent artists could release an album that could potentially ‘flop’ would have been laughable – absurd.  However, as R&B/pop diva Mariah Carey continually prolonged her long-awaited follow-up to the underperforming, oddly titled Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, one has to wonder if the album even has a shot. That’s not throwing shade towards Carey or diminishing her immense musical gifts, but several factors make a once surefire bet a potential big-time underdog.

Delayed albums have a history of underwhelming sales.  Honestly, this notion shouldn’t be that unreasonable or shocking.  If an album continues to be pushed back or several singles have been released with none catching on, it is a good indication or at least the perception that the product is struggling.  Sure, the respective artist is still releasing their next studio album, but the grandeur and excitement about the product falls-off with failed promotional opportunities.  50 Cent certainly didn’t benefit from the delays with Before I Self Destruct, which featured numerous delays beginning in 2007 (saw the light of day in 2009) and was barely gold-hit for the multiplatinum rapper.  R. Kelly also didn’t benefit from scrapping 12 Play: 4th Quarter in 2008.  The resulting album Untitled arrived with little fanfare and definitely began the waning of Kelly’s album sales in general.  With so many singles released with lukewarm reception, the questions certainly arise about the success of Carey’s upcoming Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.

The release date for Me has been set for May 27, 2014, according to a recent Billboard article.  The problem with a release date so soon (despite delays) is there is no hit single to promote the album, which is a problem.  “#Beautiful” does appear on the album, but its promotional power has long ceased.  “The Art of Letting Go” was right up my alley, but the deluxe edition track wasn’t potent enough to be the game changer that a forty something Carey needs at this point.  The performance of “You’re Mine (Eternal)” is horrific by Carey standards, making this journalist wonder if Mimi is about to be extremely devastated when her album sales numbers come out.  I wish her the best – she deserves that given her prodigious talent – but I fear for my girl.

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  1. she won with the emancipation of mimi and in truth she should have gone on a mature style and theme or channel the old school vibe as to still being stuck in a time warp. once she divorced tommy mottola she still been trying to reveal and act like she is teen and that act wore out long ago. still her back catelog has something to it which will keep her working though her best days are long gone and nobody is sweating her no more like that.

  2. Greg Bosher says:

    The album’s not even released yet; and you’re saying it could flop?! Give it ’till the end of the year before you can if it’s flopped or not (I highly doubt it will flop)

    1. brent80 says:

      Many times an album is poised for success based on its singles. Carey’s singles haven’t been successful by previous standards for this project. Additionally, her previous album didn’t have the best sales by her standard. I didn’t say this album will flop – I poised a question and argument while it might flop by her past standards. I hope it doesn’t, but the early indications don’t look promising. I’ll be buying for sure.

  3. Gio says:

    I have been an avid mariah fan since day 1 and I totally agree with you. Given Mariah’s successes in the past and her seemingly downfalls from last 2 albums, I pretty much know how the odds work to her favor. Mariah’s fans are very “honest” as to either accept her songs or not. The last singles she released were none to her favor. Though #beautiful went platinum, it never went top 10 a sure sign it’s not well-accepted. As a fan, I will buy her album as I did in her previous albums flop or not. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the success of this one.

  4. logan says:

    as of today 7/23/14 the album sold 83,000 making it the worst selling album in history by a once hit maker. i honestly think that her being on the voice or Idol im not sure , im no fan of the shows are carey, but her attitude could have killed her sales.

  5. MIMI says:

    I’m so sad that this album flopped. Most of the songs are great but I think that the delays and lack of promotion were the main causes. Hopefully her next album does better.

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