Chief Keef Offers Little Substance on “Rehab”


Chief Keef • “F*ck Rehab” • Glory Gang / Interscope Single Release Date: March 13, 2014

51sWsU0kKtL._SL500_AA280_Chief Keef – that’s that MC that I don’t like… just keeping it one hunna… Maybe that’s too harsh or an unfair statement to make, but Chief Keef failed to impress on his 2012 debut LP Finally Rich. Few would deny the potency of “I Don’t Like” from Finally Rich (I was onboard), while some may be even more generous and give the MC a nod for “Love Sosa” or the incredibly irresponsible “Hate Being Sober”. Still, the album as a whole was lacking in quality material.  Additionally, it was an epic fail as far as commercial aspirations – ole boy didn’t make money of ironically title album itself! Yes, Chief is a young dude (a teenager) and surely development and progression will hopefully develop him into a well-rounded MC.  However at this point, in the present, Chief is so-so at best.  Some might even say he sucks, but we won’t take the criticism to that level.  Latest single “F*ck Rehab” certainly doesn’t find Chief upping the ante where depth of lyrics or themes is concerned, that’s for sure.

Chief Keef2-20121023-78F*ck Rehab” sort of piggybacks on Keef’s better songs, namely “I Don’t Like” and “Hate Being Sober” with its unapologetic sentiment.  This unapologetic approach is a strong suit and isn’t where the skepticism lies. The problem is, this five-minute plus track isn’t nearly as good or catchy as the MC’s “aces in the hole”.  Sure, Keef at least has basis for “F*ck Rehab” given the alcoholic indulgence of “Hate Being Sober”, but the rhymes again lack, well, substance, despite their approval of substance abuse.  The hook, much like the title just lays it all out there: “F*ck rehab! Oh no no no…” As they say in AA, “the first step is admitting that you have a problem” and apparently, the rebellious, rambunctious MC doesn’t think he does.

Throughout the track, the references to Keef’s dope usage are prevalent.  “B*tch I be smoking dope what you mean?” Chief Keef-20121023-77Keef raps on the opening line of his verse.  He truly throws up double birds to the notion of entering rehab later within the verse: “Let me get them hitters, I’m counting out the cut, getting loud now / and that ain’t even registered, they come and clean the sh*t up like pronto / I could be on the block running round shooting sh*t up like Rambo / but the judge gonna lock me up for smoking a little dope.”  An assisting Big Glo only encourages bad habits, rapping about “uppers” and being “numb” from using them.  Adding to the irresponsibility is reference to violence, specifically resorting to guns: “Sosa’ll buck, we might just go shoot up a club / that sh*t ain’t gon’ cost but a dub / my lawyer gon’ give me some plug.”  SMH!

Ultimately, “F*ck Rehab” is as much an open book as Chief Keef has proven to be so far into his career.  He doesn’t care ultimately.  And if he doesn’t care enough to deliver songs with some true lyrical substance behind the tough-nosed attitude, why should we, the hip-hop fans give a [bleep]? I’ll admit, I don’t care for “F*ck Rehab” as a song nor as a message.  Additionally, I’ll admit I had no desire to like it even prior to listening.  Call it biased, but the title itself gives you all you need to know and the song offers little beyond that.  Ultimately, “F*ck Rehab” isn’t too hot.

Verdict: ★½


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