“Bill Murray” Represents The Goodness That Is Phantogram’s Latest LP, ‘Voices’


Phantogram • Voices • Republic • US Release Date: February 18, 2014 

If you haven’t heard of one incredibly talented duo named Phantogram, well, peeps, you are missing out on a treat!  Recently, Phantogram, comprised of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, released their sophomore album, Voices.  From start to finish, it is a sheer pleasure to listen to, using a combination of various samples and electronics to establish its musical identity.  Sure, different people have different opinions in regards to sampling, but it is incredibly difficult to deny how masterfully all things work together on Voices.  I mean, this duo put it work… not the kind that A$AP Ferg was referencing though, LOL.  Normally, a full-length review would’ve been ordered up, but with time scarce, I chose to share and reflect upon the tune nearest and dearest to my heart – “Bill Murray”.  

Bill Murray-LMK-108484Simply put, “Bill Murray” never sounded so gorgeous… I know it sounds totally wrong, ha!  The point is that this ballad is arguably the set’s strongest showing – it’s simply stunning and strange.  It’s not merely the lyrics or the overall haunting air about the song, but the elements from “The Coldest Days of My Life”, a classic soul song courtesy of The Chi-Lites.  Sure, “The Coldest Days of My Life” may not get the same love that “Have You Seen Her” or “Oh Girl gets (not many could trump those), but the inspiration of the soul classic drives “Bill Murray” and reminds people just how important and everlasting old-school joints really are.

Not only is it the music of “The Coldest Days of My Life” that inspires, but also the lyrics.  Take a lyric as simple yet as emotionally stirring as “Lord take away the pain…” – that says it all.  Lyrically from the Phantogram end, “Bill Murray” can be considered both simple and complex. The lyrics are poetic, spaced out, and mysterious, still embodying the sentiments of the classic.  What isn’t hard to decipher is that love and loneliness definitely have their roles (“Am I lonely…wave goodbye and your heart’s not in line”), and perhaps references to that Bill Murray film that also had Scarlett Johansson in it called Lost in Translation. Hey, it’s perfect inspiration for any indie-pop/rock act…

Ultimately, “Bill Murray” is just one of 11 great pieces that makes Voices a truly sensational album.  Still, it’s hard to deny a true ‘ace in the hole’ as this one, particularly when one of the cooler comedic-actors provides the title.   But don’t just go purchase “Bill Murray” with all its lushness; buy the entire album Voices.  It doesn’t disappoint.


“Nothing But Trouble”; “Fall in Love”; “Howling At The Moon”; “Bill Murray”; “Celebrating Nothing”

Verdict: ★★★★

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