Now 49 Lands At No. 1

914QaFGPetL._SL1500_From one compilation to another, Now 49 debuts at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.  In yet another sub 100,000 copies week, Now 49 sells 98,000 copies.  Frozen doesn’t fall too far from grace – it is no. 2 and managed to sell another 88,000 copies.  The big news on the charts is how much of an impact the Super Bowl had on Bruno Mars, who’s Unorthodox Jukebox returns to the top 3, with 81,000 copies sold.  While his compilation contemporaries may not have near the bragging rights given their numbers, Mars should be proud.  Unorthodox Jukebox was released in December 2012 and in February 2014 has managed to re-enter the top echelon of the charts.  Now that’s swag.

71upshG8ahL._SL1500_Now 49 wasn’t the only debut.  Toni Braxton & Babyface surprisingly outperform as Love Marriage & Divorce sells 67,000 copies, goo for a bow at no. 4.  Sure 67,000 copies still doesn’t leave the duo a great ceiling, but it’s respectable given the status of R&B these days… well save for ‘Yoncé. Broken Bells land at no. 5 with their sophomore album, After The Disco.  44,000 copies isn’t too shabby considering Broken Bells isn’t exactly a household name.  Lil Mix isn’t either, yet their sophomore album Salute lands at no. 6 with 43,000 copies.  The numbers don’t exactly equate to prolonged success mind you, but in some regards, all four of the newbies on the chart performed better than I anticipated at least.

Dark Horse” she’s not ladies and gentleman as Katy Perry continues to shine atop the Billboard Hot 100 with pal Juicy J.   Changing gears though, as for who’s got next on the albums chart, put your money on Eric Church’s latest, The OutsidersChurch’s previous studio album, Chief debuted at no. 1.  This is a relatively quiet release week.

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