The ‘Frozen Soundtrack’ and ‘The Grammys’ Are The Talk Of Charts



61tLB9NYg9L._SL500_AA280_It’s been an awesome winter for the Frozen Soundtrack, as it spends yet another week atop the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.  This week, the album sold another 94,000 copies according to  On the one hand, it is good that there is an album that’s infusing the industry with some, well, sales.  On the other hand – the more pessimistic one – yet another sub 100,000 copies week is amongst us with sales down.  Still, close by Frozen is another compilation the Grammy Nominees 2014, which remains at no. 2, but surges in sales with 87,000 copies sold.   Both albums post gains, which are pros, but the realist in me has an observation to make.

In years past, Grammy-award winning albums or nominees who performed have sold massive numbers to top-load the charts following the week after the Grammys.  This time, a holdover soundtrack remains the album to beat, while the Grammy compilation itself outsells victorious albums.  It definitely says something about the sales of albums in recent times.  Personally, I don’t see record sales regaining their swagger, save for a blockbuster like Beyoncé’s Beyoncé, which sits at no. 5 this week.

61ILfv0YVuL._SL500_AA280_But enough chitter chatter, what about the new albums – that’s what y’all came for right? Of Mice & Men bow at no. 4 with Restoring Force selling 51,000 copies.  Casting Crowns’ latest, Thrive, starts at no. 6 with 43,000 copies sold.  For Casting Crowns, a Christian band, these numbers are actually underwhelming considering the success the band has had in recent times.  If this were any other Christian or gospel act, 43,000 copies and a number six bow would be remarkable.  However, Casting Crowns has both peaked and sold more robustly in the past, namely 2007 album The Altar and The Door which debuted at no. 2 with 129,000 copies.  Still, 43,000 in the current music economy is sound…I suppose.

41XAtgtU1xL._SL500_AA280_Other than Yoncé’s small gain, Other Grammy winners saw some increases, though not like years in the past.  The percentages are similar to the past, but the actual amount of sales isn’t. Those included in the gains are Lorde, Bruno Mars, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, and album of the year victor, Daft Punk.  Daft Punk perhaps get the shortest end of the stick for an album of the year winner as Random Access Memories rose to no. 10, but only moved 31,000 copies.  Sure, the French duo rose 300% in sales according to, but remember that’s relative to the current music economy, which is down.  Herbie Hancock’s upset victory a couple of years back (over Kanye West and Amy Winehouse) scored him a top 5 album with 54,000 copies sold.  Adele and Mumford & Sons, both album of the year winners, had huge surges following the Grammys.  It is what it is though.  At least Daft Punk and the rest of us were able to “Get Lucky” all summer long – no pun intended.

71upshG8ahL._SL1500_Ultimately, the Grammys’ influence makes this a busier chart week, even if the optimism is only short-lived and doesn’t match the same amount of sales of the past.  Next week, among new albums arriving include Broken Bells (After The Disco), Now 49 and a duets album courtesy of Toni Braxton & Babyface (Love, Marriage & Divorce).  Bruno Mars’ sales may still rise depending on how much impact his awesome Super Bowl halftime performance had beginning on Monday, the day once sales are tallied for the new week.  His full gain in sales probably wouldn’t have been felt on Sunday, the day of the big game… well lopsided game.

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