Discovering New Music: CJ Hilton’s Steamy New Mixtape…


Up and coming R&B singer CJ Hilton has released a steamy new mixtape.  Are you ready for the title?  Hilton’s latest is called Sextape!   *Gasps* *Screams* *Women swooning*  Judging by its overt title, it is obvious Hilton has bedroom endeavors in mind.  The cover gives this much a way, as Hilton is sitting in the nude on the side of the bed, with his girl lying next to him.  Sure, it’s nothing that R. Kelly probably hasn’t tried in some fashion, but Hilton definitely puts himself out there where his artistic vision lies on this mixtape.

Again, one doesn’t even necessarily have to listen to hear where Hilton’s mind is at (cough* cough* down south).   Just glancing down the track list, Hilton features such suggestive  joints such as “Take Off Your Clothes“, “Let’s Make Love“, “Sexy Eyez“, and of course “Down“.  If Pitbull and Ke$ha subtly played up the double meaning of “it’s going down” on “Timber“, Hilton is ‘so serious about’ it really going down, like SOOOOOO SERIOUS.  Even though Hilton is thinking with his pants, he does so with incredible pipes and a boatload of potential on his side.   He’s no household name YET, but Hilton definitely has something to offer urban music listeners and YES it transcends physical desires!  And with R&B always in need of fresh, creative blood, why not CJ Hilton?

Sextape has its moments for sure. It is apparent that Hilton has done his homework from R&B masters of past, known for the sex appeal of their music.  Among my favorites moments from Sextape is the penultimate cut “I Luv It”, which is exceptionally produced and overall kind of addicting.  Of course, the earlier “Down” is none too shabby, even if it plays up clichés that have played out within the R&B playbooks for years.  But honestly, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Even if “Down” is somewhat ‘tried and true’ thematically, “Come” (featuring Mario) has that cool, modern R&B sensibility about it.  Hilton also doesn’t pass up the opportunity for the double entendre, a goal that seems atop the list of many contemporary artists regardless of genre.

Ultimately, as aforementioned, CJ Hilton is definitely onto something. Make sure you check out Sextape to see if you’re feeling the Hilton vibe.  Just don’t get too bothered by its steaminess! 🙂

Favorites: “Take Off Your Clothes”; “Down”; “Come”; “I Luv It”

Verdict: ★★★½

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