Music Shopping List: What Albums To Buy January 21, 2014


Last week, the music industry was infused with some life with several high profile releases, led by Bruce Springsteen (High Hopes). Things aren’t quite as exciting this Tuesday, January 21, 2014, but there are some newbies to check out and prepare one’s budget accordingly.


The U.S. Albums, The Beatles (Box)

Label: Capitol

This one is pretty self-explanatory – it contains The Beatles U.S. albums in one gargantuan, 13-disc box set.  According to, there is also a 64-page booklet included.  Sadly, few probably have the $160 price in the broke-as-what January budget – or any budget for that matter!  Still for enthusiasts and collectors who want to splurge on a nice set – this would be the one!


Is There Anybody Out There? A Great Big World

Label: Epic

Who exactly is A Great Big World? They are a new duo who have a really big hit out right now with a preeminent pop star by the name of Christina Aguilera.  “Say Something” will likely be the attraction to the duo’s debut album, Is There Anybody Out There?  If “Say Something” is any indication of the quality of the album itself, then Is There Anybody Out There? could be a real treat.   All Music Guide journalist Timothy Monger gives the effort an above average review.  


2014 Grammy Nominees, Various Artists

The 2014 edition of the Grammy Nominees compilation features the biggest songs and artists nominated.  It is headed by Bruno Mars’ record and song of the year nominated “Locked Out Of Heaven”, while it closes with Jason Aldean’s country smash, “Take A Little Ride”.  For someone who doesn’t own albums by the assorted nominated artists or someone who doesn’t feel like assembling a playlist, this compilation should tickle your fancy.


Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Against Me!

Label: Total Treble

Transgender Dysphoria Blues is Against Me!’s first proper album since 2010 effort, White Crosses.  A lot has changed, specifically with front man Tom Gabel transitioning into Laura Jane Grace.  A brief album comprising of ten tracks and only 29 minutes in duration, the titles definitely suggest a non-subtle approach.  Is there any subtlety with tracks entitled “Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ” and “F*ckmylife666” sit right next to each other?


The Truth About Love Tour: Live From Melbourne [DVD/Blu-ray], P!nk

Label: RCA

Ah, cashing in on a truly great album with a live tour DVD/Blu-ray.  If you’re not one who is big on the live recordings, this won’t be for you.  But if you are the biggest P!nk fan ever and loved The Truth About Love, this is right up your alley.  The DVD is just shy of two hours in length.


Revelation, Los Lonely Boys

Label: Playing In Traffic

Los Lonely Boys definitely suffered the one-hit wonder syndrome.  “Heaven” was everybody’s favorite song back in 2004, but after it passed, it seemed the trio never attained the same swagger.  After countless albums since Los Lonely Boys, the band once more release a new album, Revelation.


This Song Is You, Jennifer Holliday

Label: Shanachie

Jennifer Holliday isn’t a household R&B name in the 00s or 10s.  Her biggest claim of fame came years back when she played Effie in the original version of Dreamgirls.  While as of late it is Jennifer Hudson’s take on classic “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” that has taken over the spotlight (not to mention that it help win Hudson an Oscar), Holliday’s original was ever bit as gritty and emotionally performed.  This Song Is You is Holliday’s first album since 1995.


Plagues of Babylon, Iced Earth

Label: Century Media

Personally, I’m unfamiliar with American heavy-metal band Iced Earth, but the group releases their first album in three years on Tuesday.  Like most metal bands, the song titles allure if nothing else, specifically the title track, “Democide”, “The Culling” and “Cthulhu”.

Of the eight albums listed, which one most appeals to Brent Faulkner you ask? I’m most interested in A Great Big World’s debut effort.  Still, hard to beat out a Dreamgirl and anything with such a bold title as Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

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