Discovering New Music: Shvona Lavette, “Holding On”


Shvona Lavette •  “Holding On” (Single) • LUNEVEDI Inc. / Ocean View • US Release Date: Nov 5, 2013

Shvona_0541Could Shvona Lavette, an alternative R&B singer/songwriter, be the next big thing? You just never know! Perhaps only time will tell, but the talented New York musician offers great promise on single “Holding On”, which precedes debut album It Was Fun While You Lasted.  If nothing else, the creative title of Lavette’s forthcoming album – due in late January – definitely deserves some attention.  After all, isn’t a notable album title half the battle? Previously, Lavette has released two EPs.

MK3_3120On the restrained lead single “Holding On”, Shvona Lavette simply allows her radiant voice to shine.  Lavette never over sings retaining poise, naturally delivering her performance without breaking a sweat.  While so many R&B artists rely on powerhouse histrionics to propel their performance to the next level, Lavette’s cooler approach is in line with the new school of R&B, which delivers performances that leave ample ‘breathing’ room you might say.

Lavette may be at home with alt-R&B, but that doesn’t completely explain her approach on single “Holding On”. Why does she show such restraint on “Holding On”?  The reason is because the song is about a breakup and its aftermath.  Anyone who has experienced a relationship, male or female, can relate to the vulnerability and varied emotions that its conclusion can have.  “Holding On”, although poised, sounds like Lavette is trying to sort everything out and come through the unfortunate situation.

imageIn addition to the moving original, a live, acoustic version of the single strips the simplistic original down even more, with Lavette truly delivering an organic performance.  Artistically, Shvona Lavette seems like she possesses a great, artistic upside. “Holding On” should only be the beginning of what could be a brilliant musical career.  SL is off to sound beginning, regardless.  It Was Fun While You Lasted should definitely be a treat!

Verdict: ★★★½


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  1. Caleb says:

    Thanks for sharing, I like discovering new music.

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