The Frozen Soundtrack Dethrones Queen Bey for No. 1



Beyonce2-20130903-62Beyoncé couldn’t get it done for a fourth consecutive week…sigh. She gives up her throne this week to the Frozen soundtrack.  Between Frozen and Beyoncé – albums nos. 1 and 2 – they’re the only albums to sell over 100,000 copies this week.  Christmas has come and gone folks! Frozen grows in sales moving 165,000 copies, while Beyoncé shrinks to 130,000 copies.   For Beyoncé, this is the fourth consecutive week it moves six figures.  According to, the album has already surpassed 4 in total album sales and has sold just short of 1.5 million.  After Beyoncé and Frozen, there’s not much noise on the charts.  Familiar names rule the top ten with a reduced percentage in sales.  Those familiar names/artists – Eminem (The Marshall Mathers LP 2), Katy Perry (PRISM), One Direction… you get the idea.

51GAgaeFo3L._SL500_AA280_On the singles chart, well, according to Pitbull and Ke$ha, “it’s going down…” aka “Timber” crows the Hot 100, dethroning the “Rap God” himself, Eminem (“The Monster” featuring Rihanna). One has to admit, “Timber” is catchy.  That said, inevitably, “what goes up, must come down”.  It may be “going down” now Pit and Ke$ha, but the ride won’t last always… LOL.

Whose Got Next? Kid Ink (My Own Lane) is the only notable album released on Tuesday, January 7.  Steve Malkmus & The Jicks also arrives, but isn’t likely to generate much buzz.  How well the Kid Ink set will sell, only time will tell.

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