Discovering New Music: Carter Captivates on “Field of Dreams”


Carter •  “Field of Dreams” • Social Family Records

Among many new years resolutions – some to be kept and many that will be broken – was to explore and expose more up-and-coming artists.  One of those up-and-comers is   Sydney, Australia pop/urban musician Carter, who has one very cool, bubbly song out called “Field of Dreams”.  Carter is signed to independent recording label SFR (Social Family Records).

tumblr_mprb6pDzUt1s5kjqlo1_500“Field of Dreams” is nothing short of a feel-good joint from the start – sunny and jubilant in sound.  The initial four-on-the-floor beat coupled with the looping piano chords sets “Field of Dreams” up for tremendous success before Carter ever spits a rhyme.  Before he does spit, Carter gives the listeners the first iteration of the golden hook.  When Carter does begin to spit, his rhymes are incredibly agile, and constructed in sound rhythmic fashion.  Carter’s pop-raps suit the overall feel-good vibe of “Field of Dreams” perfectly.  He keeps things “light” you might say.

Revisiting the aforementioned hook, well, is hella addictive, easily staying implanted within one’s head: “Take me back to the beginning / to the field of dreams, where it all makes sense / and we’re singing ‘na na na na na.”  As great as the rhymes and hook are, one of the greatest moments of “Field of Dreams” is when the children hand the bridge section, providing a superb, unexpected contrast.  Carter closes out with the popular hook, putting a cap on quite an enjoyable track.

All said and done, Carter shows he has plenty to offer and the talent to compete with the best in the industry.  “Field of Dreams” is only the beginning of what could potentially be a brilliant career.  DON’T sleep on Carter folks!

Verdict: ★★★★

Check out Carter at the following:
instagram: @iamcartermusic

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  1. Caleb says:

    I have never heard of this guy, but I like what I hear. Thanks for sharing.

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