Beyoncé Makes It A “3-Peat”



This one is short and sweet… but informative.

61fcHm45rQL._SL500_AA280_Beyoncé continues her stint at no. 1, with fifth LP Beyoncé moving another 310,000 copies. What’s interesting about that total is that that’s about how many copies 4 sold when it debuted! In total, Beyoncé has sold 1.3 million copies in three short weeks! Now who’s “working” Britney? Three other albums sold more than 100,000 copies – One Direction (Midnight Memories), Eminem (The Marshall Mathers LP 2), and Frozen SoundtrackKaty Perry didn’t do too shabby for herself either, as Prism closed out a highflying top five with 99,000 copies.  Go on and “roar” girl!

New releases definitely didn’t play a role in this weeks chart, nor will they next week; the dead of January is firmly upon us.  So buy those albums you missed/slept on or replay the new classics of 2013.  Otherwise, there won’t be a lot to add to the collection…

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