Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You” Continues Down The Provocative Path

Miley Cyrus-AAG-017241

Is it just I, or does Miley Cyrus keep milking this risqué, unapologetic thing to the excess?  SMH, in fact SMFH!  Miley Cyrus got that “fifteen minutes of fame” with her shocking artistic makeover and now that the buzz has cooled/settled off a bit, she keeps on seeking more and more attention.  Ole girl said she “can’t stop” and “won’t stop” and true to her word, she hasn’t.  Perhaps to some this is a blessing (if a blasphemous one) while others of us are pretty tired of the outrage, oversexed image that Cyrus has identified herself with.  I’m quite open-minded, and “It is what it is”, but still, it’s…um… very provocative.

As usual in her latest music video – third single “Adore You” – Ms. Cyrus is out to shock the world just like a buzzer-beater shocks a basketball team.  When I reviewed Bangerz back in October, “Adore You” wasn’t among my favorite tracks.  I thought it was too slow and lacked punch to be the opener of Bangerz. Hearing it now, the song is more appealing, though by no means the ‘end all, be all’.  Still, Cyrus finds a way to make even a lethargic ballad like “Adore You” plumb controversial.

Miley Cyrus-20130917-29After the violation of teddy bears, a foam finger, and a wrecking ball respectively, it truly seemed like there was little left for Miley to do.  So without any object to desecrate, she decides to touch herself…yep.  Perhaps some will find Cyrus’ pleasuring titillating, but personally, it’s a bit much.  Few will deny they enjoy a little eye-candy in their music videos, but still, whatever happened to a thing known as ‘subtlety’?

The ‘sexy’ music video has now been supplanted by the ‘sexual’ oversexed music video, and there is a difference between both. Just because one word stems from another, doesn’t mean they are really one and the same.  This is a misconception that too many artists and music video directors seem to have.  “Adore You” is just another example of this.  2013 was filled with plenty of sexed-up vids including offerings from Kanye West (“Bound 2”) and Robin Thicke (“Blurred Lines”).  It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon.

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