3 Musical New Years Resolutions


2013 has been quite the momentous year in music and pop culture, no questions asked. There were ample things to rave about as well as some to gripe about.  The good and the bad go with the territory of being a music enthusiast and music journalist.  Even so, the best music journalist – just like the most angelic person – has New Years resolutions.  Yeah, journalists may seem like cocky, over-opinionated SOB’s, but we’ll admit we have room to grow and evolve as well.  Enough chattering though, let’s get to some musical New Years resolutions!


Review more country albums…

51PkZT7n5PL._SL500_AA280_As hateful as this may sound, I personally found much of country music to be a snooze fest in 2013.  Folks, much if what I heard was blasé.  Luke Bryan was the biggest attraction, and all he seemed to care about was next beer.  Commercial evidence also seems to support the assertion country music was a bit ‘down’ as well.  The numbers, save for a few exceptions weren’t particularly kind.  Even so, whatever is released in 2014, the resolution is to review more country albums.  Even if the album is painful and forces me to deliver the ugliest, most scathing review ever, well, I gotta do it!  Gotta do better for my country audience!!! Ye-haw!!!



Provide more review / buzz opportunities for up and coming artists…

51eK-8wN0dL._SL500_AA280_One of my personal goals as a music journalist – particularly in 2013 – was to provide as many opportunities to support new artists and give as much buzz as possible. Part of the reason for this is because of my own personal aspirations within the music industry on both the artistic and business side of things.  While I was honored to hear many unfamiliar new voices, I also had to be selective therefore someone equally hungry to achieve the dream didn’t get their slice of the pie.  Yeah, I know it sounds cold, but I’m human and part of life is about taking ownership.  I hope to provide more opportunities for newer artists in 2014.


Be even tougher when penning reviews and opinion posts…

The Wanted27-20131017-115I consider myself pretty tough when it comes to being impressed.  I may enjoy an album, bu that doesn’t mean I’m ready to call it the album of the year.  However, aside from reviews and opinion editorials, I’m a nice guy with a big heart.  Sometimes this ‘charitableness’ influences reviews and might add a 1/2 star or so the the rating, aka that thing known as the ‘benefit of the doubt.’ In 2014, the resolution here is to eliminate any ‘benefit of the doubt’ or wavering and be as tough as possible.  Hey, The Bible does say “the truth will set you free…” (just don’t ask for the exact location of the scripture though).

Oh and by the way, yes, that means teen-pop artist and shallow rappers don’t stand a chance!

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