Garth Brooks Kills Britney’s ‘Vibe’: Ascends to No. 1



51NEnClCNbLYou know, after ‘working’ so hard, Britney Spears had the most lackadaisical sales week of her lengthy career.  Sure, there are artists who would salivate over the 107,000 copies Ms. Spears moved with Britney Jean, but if you look contextually, you’ll see ole girl had a tepid showing on the sales front. 107,000 copies in a more robust December would barely give Spears a top ten bow.  She manages to land at no. 4, preserving her run of top four bows.   Still, 107,000 copies is a very small ceiling for Spears, or any artist.

But the headline is not Britney Spears – it’s Garth Brooks.  After debuting at no. 3 with Blame it All On My Roots, he ascends to no. 1 moving nearly as many copies… whoa! After selling a strong 164,000 copies last week for a no. 3 bow, Brooks sells 146,000 more copies, a very small percentage drop.  Brooks’ continued success is definitely a bright spot for country music, who save for a few artists/albums (Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton namely) hasn’t had its greatest showing in 2013.

51ZgtVZaDwL._SL500_AA280_Other than Britney and Garth, things are relatively boring.  One Direction plummets in sales after moving a robust 546,000 copies of Midnight Memories its first week. 117,000 copies is the grand total within the second week, but it’s enough to hold off Britney and just slip one spot to no. 2.  Kelly Clarkson also managed to scoot ahead of Britney Jean, just compounding Britney’s not-so-good week.  No, there’s no animosity between the pop stars, but Clarkson’s album has now been out for several weeks and is a Christmas album (Wrapped in Red).

With holdovers playing their usual role within the top ten, the most notable movements worth mentioning are the ascent of Pentatonix (PTXmas) at no. 7, the re-entrance of Michael Buble (Christmas) at Eminem-ps10no. 8, and an ascent by Mary J. Blige (A Mary Christmas) at no. 10.  Blige’s sales increases are likely attributed to not only the holiday,  but also quite possibly the $3.99 deal going on with the mp3 version of the effort.

After a return to the summit of the Billboard Hot 100, Miley Cyrus is once more dethroned, but not by Lorde.  After several weeks of hovering near the top, Eminem and his favorite female collaborator, Rihanna crown the singles chart with “The Monster”.  Does Em have another “Love the Way You Lie” on his hands? We’ll see!

51l9Oz9KgnLWhose got next? Good question.  R. Kelly (Black Panties) and Childish Gambino (Because the Internet) were the two most notable releases of the week, but contextually, I’m not sure that that means much.  R. Kelly would be a lock for a no. 1 years back, but his sales have dwindled tremendously in recent times.  As for Childish Gambino, I’m curious to see what the sales figures are like.  I hope he over-performs, but who knows.  I expect a holdover will top the chart.

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