Justin Bieber Enjoys a “Confident” Lady on Music Monday’s Latest


Justin Bieber • “Confident” – Single • Island • US Release Date: December 9, 2013 

Justin Bieber-20131021-45Justin Biebers’ Music Mondays is the gift that keeps on giving to Beliebers, pop-cultural buffs, and music journalists alike.  I mean, I thought Kanye West had something good going with Good Fridays back-when, but my boy Biebz just keeps on surprising and outperforming expectations.  The blogosphere goes ape-sh*t with each new excerpt from JB’s ‘journals’.  Speaking of those journals, it was recently reported on billboard.com the Justin Bieber will be packaging his Music Mondays releases temporarily as an iTunes only set called Journals beginning on December 16th, 2013.  Basically, the teen-pop star is rolling in the dough, and will likely continue to roll with the singles growing more mature.  His latest track, “Confident”, definitely shakes off any remnants that might’ve remained from “Baby” or dare I say “One Time”.  Chance the Rapper matches his collaboration with R. Kelly (“PYD”), definitely ‘keepin’ it one hunna’.

Justin Bieber2-20131021-53So how confident is “Confident”? Well, let’s say the self-esteem and self-efficacy are top-notch for sure.  Bieber isn’t referring to his own confidence or swagger (for once), but rather the hot lady’s confidence that he’s got his eye on.  Throughout, Bieber’s hormones are going crazy evidenced by lyrical moments such as  “Then she started dancing, sexual romancing / nasty but she fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets / what’s your nationality / I wonder if there’s more of you” or the later “She said it’s her first time / I think she might have lied…I’m addicted, something like an addict / got me twisted, but I still gotta have it…” Sure, Bieber doesn’t come right out and say it in R. Kelly fashion, but like “PYD”, the suggestiveness is steered more towards sex than not, a clear change of pace in Bieber’s career.

Serving as the confirmation to the newfound adult themes is Chance the Rapper, who basically does the ‘dirty work’ for Bieber lyrically on his guest verse.  “She the first mate wanna rock the boat / she never forget to ride like a bicycle,” certainly would’ve received some flack had Bieber delivered such suggestive slang.  Even so, “Confident” seems like an eye-freak sort of a track if I ever heard one.  Ultimately, I’m pretty confident that Bieber’s artistic direction is on an upswing – yep, I really just said that.

Verdict: ★★★½

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