Weekend Music News Round-up, December 5th – 8th, 2013

Joe Jonas raised some eyebrows this week... mm hmm.
Joe Jonas raised some eyebrows this week… mm hmm.

So some things went down in music this past weekend, as they always do.  But being December, it’s naturally busier within the holiday season, with more ‘hustle and bustling’ happening.  Some of the hustling and bustling was just too colorful not to mention, so watch me ‘go to work’ folks!    


Selena Gomezs Bad Night

Friday, December 6, 2013 

Selena Gomez-20131202-29Apparently, Selena Gomez got incredibly frustrated on stage at the Jingle Ball 2013 and left her set early after microphone issues.  According the Us Weekly, this involved a colorful f-word many frequent during those rebellious teen and collegiate years.  Ultimately, from what I gather, didn’t seem like the greatest moment for the young star… I wouldn’t have wanted to “Come & Get It” anyways – remember my review of Stars Dance? Just saying!


Does Carrie Underwood Have an Even Worse One?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Carrie Underwood-20131107-47Carrie Underwood apparently didn’t do The Sound of Music justice, or at least the critics give it the big thumbs down.  Actually, no only was it the critics, but also one of the original cast members, Kym Karath. I mean, all I have to do is do a Google search of  “Carrie Underwood Sound of Music” and the links of reviews and buzz are infinite.  USA Today features an article entitled Carrie Underwood ‘proud’ of ‘Sound of Music’, certainly a defense from the country superstar to the critical panning. An obvious sign of frustration from the usually cool, collected singer? Killing ‘em with Jesus via tweet:

Personally, I enjoy Carrie Underwood, but one of her shortcomings for me is how her personality translates artistically.  She definitely has a voice on her, but few could also be a credible replacement for Julie Andrews.  Classics are difficult to remake for a reason –their classics.  I was not privy to the NBC performance, however it didn’t sound like a good idea when I heard it was going to occur.


The Grammy Nominations Are In…

Friday, December 6, 2013 

Kendrick Lamar lands multiple Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

On Friday night, the Grammy nominations were announced at the annual Grammy Nomination Concert.  This was the first concert I missed and for two reasons – (1) I forgot and (2) I was more focused on watching my Kentucky Wildcats play a basketball game versus Baylor, which they dropped 67-62.  Oh well, at least the nominations were much more up my alley than they have been in previous years, which is shocking.  Among the nods that most pleased me were big time nominations for Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid M.A.A.D. City), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Thrift Shop), Daft Punk (Random Access Memories), and Lorde (“Royals”).  Among puzzlements were an album of the year nomination for Sara BareillesThe Blessed Unrest and  Justin Timberlake’s snubs in the biggest categories of record, album, and song of the year.  Sigh, you win some, you lose some I guess.  By the way, Billboard has an interesting read on Grammy Nominations Concert: Things You Didn’t See on TV.


Robin Thicke Gets Support from Soul Vet in Defense of “Blurred Lines”

Saturday, December 7, 2003

91zMqP7d2NL._SL1500_There’s been a ton of controversy surrounding “Blurred Lines” despite its monstrous popularity.  Before the cool “Royals” came along and dominated the single headlines, there was “Blurred Lines” which just kept on going and going and going – yeah sorta like the Energizer Bunny.  Anyways, with a lawsuit pending over whether Thicke ‘lifted’ “Blurred Lines” from Marvin Gaye’s classic “Got to Give It Up”, Earth Wind & Fire’s Verdine White provided his two cents, defending the same point that I made that Thicke did not ‘cop’ “Blurred Lines”.  I’ve always said the inspiration was there, but there are differences where the music theory is concerned between both songs.


Disappointing Pending Album Sales for Britney Spears?

Friday, December 6, 2013 

51NEnClCNbLBritney Spears’ new effort Britney Jean hasn’t exactly been a critical smash (see Metacritic), but does that always matter if you can offset the bashing with album sales? Why Of course not as money is money! The problem is, Britney Jean’s pending numbers are looking pretty skinny.  And we thought that Lady Gaga had a bad week contextually with ARTPOP.  According to billboard.com, Spears is expected to sell between 115,000 and 120,000 copies of her latest.  While there are artists who’d kill for those numbers, they don’t match the singers past triumphs and may hold her from no. 1. Going back to the critical thing, well, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Britney Jean, but it had its moments.  Single “Work B**ch” was among ‘em.


Joe Jonas’ Confessions

December 1, 2013 

Joe Jonas-MTO-010102Yeah, this happened a week ago, but I just couldn’t resist!

So Joe Jonas has revealed he is “not that innocent” this past week via a New York Magazine article, Joe Jonas: My Life As a Jonas Brother.  Someone get Usher’s 2004 Confessions album cued up, will ya? What is more surprising is just how rebellious the former Disney star has been considering the façade being ‘put on’.  Sure, if any other 20 year old discussed losing his virginity it wouldn’t be shocking  (probably just another notch on the belt as they say), but it becomes sensational news with a Jo Bro. I mean, did were we ready for such a brash tone from Joe throughout the article?  While Miley Cyrus25-20130917-26Jonas’ sexual history is ultimately his business, perhaps it was his Miley Cyrus / Demi Lovato marijuana dare that is more troubling, considering they are couple of years younger than Jonas and at the time of the great ‘lighting up’, they would’ve been like 14… Hmm.  The Hollywood Reporter did a fine job of summing up the confessions.

As far as the reactions, well they range as to be expeced.  Dylan Sprouse and Zendaya, both of Disney fame had reactions (Former Disney Stars Respond To Joe Jonas’ Confessional). Personally, I’m both interested yet apathetic.  It is interesting to find out that Joe Jonas was more like your normal young adult than Disney wanted to present, but the other side of that is, so what?

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