Sound Advice For Five Teen-Pop Acts

One Direction-20131104-79

I, the Brent Faulkner,  love my teen-pop acts, even if often times I’m critical and skeptical of them.  Maybe it’s fair and then again maybe it’s not and I’m just a ‘hater’, but nothing fuels my pen more than writing about the young-uns and their musical endeavors or lack there of.  Sometimes those endeavors are strong while other times they are questionable.  Regardless, who better than me to provide sound advice to further elevate the games of five of the hotter teen acts? No one, that’s rhetorical!


Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone-JOG-001451Dude, release the album already! “What About Love” caught fire where none of the rest of your singles ignited.  I would’ve dropped an EP like it was a hot potato and garnered even more buzz than your getting.  Yeah, I know girls are already swooning and will continue to swoon whenever the album finally drops, but still, you want your base to expand even beyond the teen-pop circles so you be making hella bread.  Ya dig?


Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson-PFR-010439My advice to you Mr. Simpson would be to find your true musical identity – and yes, I have some opinions on that as well.  On the Coast to Coast EP, I personally enjoyed the more urban-pop cuts like the opener “Good As It Gets” and follow-up “Crazy But True” while you could keep “iYiYi” featuring Flo Rida.  Then on your latest album Surfer’s Paradise part of the time you want to be a schmaltzy teen-pop star (“Pretty Brown Eyes”),  Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz (“Summertime of Our Lives”), or hang out with frat-rapper Asher Roth (“Imma Be Cool”).  I see where the folk-pop things comes from, but I’m thinking a whole album of folk-pop at age 16 will likely never make you a “royal”, at least among tween girls.



Lorde-20130618-171I wouldn’t even give you the stylistic label of ‘teen-pop’ star, but you are a teen and you sing pop (along with alternative).  But anyways, Lorde, keep doing your thing.  Pure Heroine isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely one of the more intriguing, fresh albums of 2013 by my estimations.  I mean, I know you seem to be concerned about being a “royal” and all, but why? You’re gettin’ paper!


Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber2-20131021-53I think that asking you to wear a shirt and pull up your saggy pants is a lost battle, so I concede… At least for right now.  However JB, you finally show me some true “swag” on your grown-up single “PYD”. No, I’m not advocating that teens should be singing about sensual things, but Justin Bieber is 19, no longer that 15 year old singing “One Time”.  It is rare that I pay you a compliment Biebz (it still makes me want to barf, just a little), but the vibe of “PYD” might be something you might want to exploit on your upcoming album.  I know you’ve gotta be mindful of those tween girls and still be a role model… *cough, cough*, but we don’t need another “Beauty and a Beat”, “like never, ever” in Taylor Swift’s words.  Also, let’s avoid another “Lolly” (Ali Maejor).  That was done like so five-years ago  (Lil Wayne, “Lollipop” from Tha Carter III).


One Direction

One Direction-JTM-065121Yeah,  y’all are about done with those teen years – yes Harry Styles I’m talkin’ to you – but your fans are much younger.  After listening to latest album Midnight Memories, perhaps you’ve grown up a bit too fast.  No, I’m not referring to Zayn Malik being engaged, but the folk-pop, old-school rock sentiments throughout the album eliminated some of the ‘fun’.  No, I wasn’t wowed by “What Makes You Beautiful” or “Live While We’re Young”, but I know many young girls were.  They’ll still be wowed regardless, thanks to your looks and ample merchandise, but can’t you balance the schmaltz and trying that serious artistry thing?  Have you let Jake Bugg get to you?

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