Could Aaron Carter Make A Pop Comeback?

Aaron Carter3-20120124-93

Aaron Carter5-20120124-95Former teen-pop singer Aaron Carter has filed for bankruptcy, following numerous other celebrities who have found themselves “in the hole” you might say (hasn’t Toni Braxton done this like twice?).  Carter has had some issues since his fame waned, and has never reclaimed his place as a pop force within the music industry.  For any former teen star, it seems to be an arduous task to make one’s self relevant in a incredibly trendy, ever-changing music industry.  The question for Carter is does he have any interest in being a pop star again? Could making that awesome comeback album change his life for the better or could the taste of fame cause him to backpedal?

Aaron Carter2-20130408-37According to a CNN article referencing Carter’s bankruptcy, his publicist Steve Honig seems to suggest Carter is now doing ‘good’ or on the right track you might say.  That is definitely a ‘come-up’ in itself and probably best for Carter at this time following issues.  However, I can’t help but to envision the the once corny, but popular teen-pop star coming back with a cool, swag-laden studio album fitting in right with his contemporaries.  No I’m not touting Carter as the best vocalist in the world or even better than a pool filled with pop-stars, but couldn’t an indie-released pop album with an addicting lead single possible get Carter on his feet?  Think about it, a hip-hop oriented pop single with a guest rapper just might change Carter’s fortunes and give him some paper, right?  I dunno, just some thoughts I guess.

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