Justin Bieber Has a “Bad Day” (Music Mondays)



Justin Bieber’s “Bad Day” doesn’t ‘derail’ him too badly… 

Justin Bieber⎪ “Bad Day” ⎪Island ⎪⎪ US Release Date: November 4, 2013

Well, Justin Bieber is at it again… He’s had a “Bad Day” this time apparently, per his latest #MusicMondays single.  As always, there are pros and cons.  Surprisingly, the pros outweigh the cons here, as much as I hate to say that.  Don’t call it perfect cause it ain’t, but “Bad Day” has its moments.

“And I didn’t think / it was over, until you walked away / like it was nothing baby”

Justin Bieber2-20131017-110Let’s start with the pros.  I definitely like the more contemporary R&B stylings surrounding Bieber.  To me, this sound definitely appeals more than say “All Around the World” or the hella annoying “Beauty and a Beat”.  Vocally, Bieber seems to be a match for the urban vibe, though we kinda already knew this when he was 15 and trying to be Usher, right?  The vocal runs definitely have progressed, something that really began to become noticeable during his Believe campaign. While I won’t say that Bieber delivers the most emotional performance I’ve ever been privy to, I suppose contextually old boy is singing from his heart.  After all, these Music Mondays songs are his journal right?

The cons? I still think Bieber has room to grow vocally, however you shake it.  At times, his vocals are still ‘developing’, even though he has definitely expanded his bag of tricks.  The runs definitely are the product of his burgeoning vocals, but at times the runs don’t completely have the ‘oomph’ one desires.  His falsetto specifically comes over on the thinnish side, particularly towards the end where hitting a ‘home run’ should be the desired product.  If you want to be a nitpicker, you might say the lyrics could use a ‘come-up’, as they say in #swag terms.  At two-and-a-half minutes, “Bad Day” is a bit brief.

Ultimately, I’ll give Bieber a pass.  He doesn’t “knock me off my feet” or anything, but he’s hurting… he’s had a “bad day”.

Verdict: ✰✰✰

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