Playlist: A ‘Relationship’ Soundtrack for 2013 (Or Something Like That)

Love songs can be so touching and certainly can propel any relationship (and in some cases hookups…).  I have constructed a list of 12 ‘love’ songs that have the emotional and physical connection between lovers in mind… or something like that!  I attempted to make some narrative, but like most soundtracks, they’re all over the place anyways!

Track 1

61WNU5xS-EL._SL500_AA280_Raheem DeVaughn, “Complicated”

(A Place Called Love Land)

As we know, no one relationship is ‘cut and dry’ by any means; all are their own diverse entity.  Among Raheem DeVaughn’s best tracks on his underrated indie-R&B album A Place Called Love Land (“Complicated”), DeVaughn claims to be“… kinda single, but I’m in love / it’s complicated because, because…can’t say we’re dating / I can’t explain it, it’s complicated.” Do relationships even need labels anymore?

#CommitmentIssues  #QuasiRelationship

Track 2

51FYy9s6GlL._SY300_Ronald Isley, “Dinner and a Movie”

(This Song Is For You)  

So, being a guy, we have to get the balls to show our vulnerable and sensitive side and ask that girl we’re digging on out.  Easier said than done right for us shy ones right? Well basically, Raheem DeVaughn stated how “Complicated” things are, evidenced by an unlabeled bond somewhere between friendship and a relationship.  Why not seal the deal with some Mr. Biggs.  He’s certainly not shy, but his way of sharing his feelings and taking things to the next level is pretty simple, old school, and effective: “Hello, hello / girl what’s your name? / I was thinking maybe we do dinner and a movie / girl don’t say no if you feel the same / I was thinking maybe we do dinner and a movie.” #FirstDate

Track 3

41o5xUIKO+L._SL500_AA280_John Legend, “Made to Love”

(Love in the Future)

John Legend also keeps it relatively simple, yet definitely flattering.  “I was sent here for you / we were made to love / we were made to love / you were sent for me too / we were made to love / we were made to love”.  Read into how far the love goes and whether it transcends ‘puppy dog’ status or is both an emotionally and physically cohesive union.  Seems to be ‘the real deal’, judging by the fact ole boy refers to her as an “extraordinary machine…” in verse one.


Tracks 4 & 5

51Fc7Pmf5aL._SL500_AA280_Jaheim, “Morning” and “P**** Appreciation Day”

(Appreciation Day)

Basically, Jaheim just continues where John Legend leaves off – or didn’t dare to go (which ever comes first). After truly being “made to love”, Jaheim isn’t worry about those meaningless details such as “What’s your name, never mind, tell me all about it in the (morning)…” on “Morning”.  No, he just wants some… really bad: “Girl can you hang? / take your time, go slow, make love to the middle of the (morning) / I know you’re wondering if I’m the type to quick heat the sheets and get you out by the (morning)…”  If that wasn’t evidence enough, he spends a whole song describing the ‘object’ of his pleasures without ever overtly stating what it is (“So warm it’s, so soft, it’s so tight, it’s the greatest / so I laid in it, played in it / stayed there ‘til daybreak…”).   #HookUp

Track 6

51WHDUdSVlL._SL500_AA280_Tamar Braxton, “Love and War

(Love and War)

Elliott Yamin may have said it best when he stated that “some people fight for love…” However, Toni Braxton’s baby sister delivers the sentiment of the fight to preserve the flame in dramatic fashion that never wanes.  “We stay on the front lines / yeah but we’re still here after the bomb drops / we go so hard we lose control / the fire starts then we explode / when the smoke clears we dry our tears / only in love and war…” Course, wasn’t it Mary J. Blige that sang about such a love as this in the 90s (“Real Love”)? Oh and Braxton also wants to “stay and fight with you…” on you guessed it, “Stay and Fight”.  #TilDeathDoUsPart

Tracks 7 & 8

61yONCH4jQLJustin Timberlake, “Pusher Lover Girl” and “That Girl” 

(The 20/20 Experience

It is safe to say that Justin Timberlake loves to sing about girls… but then again, how many males can you find that don’t? Though to be accurate, I think he’s eschewed all girls in favor of one.  On his first album of 2013 (The 20/20 Experience), Timberlake manages to call his girl (likely named Jessica Biel wouldn’t you say) his “drug…” urging her to “…go on and be my dealer baby” and further confirming his commitment simply by stating “I’m in love with that girl / and she told me, she’s in love with me…” Guys, how exactly does this support your relationship or potential relationships? It seems to be all about devotion and JT’s got that, whether you consider it corny or full of swagger.  #UrTheOnlyOneIWant

Track 9

71m3q5MbpvL._SL1425_Bilal, “Winning Hand” 

(A Love Surreal)

Fellas looking to make a change – like a game change? Bilal’s “Winning Hand” is “just what the doctor ordered.” Basically, Bilal proclaims “Baby you’re a winning hand / a game change, I’m on the roll / hit me again, dealer hit me again / yeah we’re winning again, I’m on the roll.” Yep. Tell her how special and how much she means to you and compare her to gambling and rolling the dice and that should do the trick… ha ha. I guess it works for Bilal (“Yeah I got an ace, damn she’s a queen / she feels like a winning hand to me…”).  #BestHandOfCardsEverrr

Track 10

51q3xK+M7zL._SL500_AA280_Janelle featuring Miguel, “Primetime” 

(The Electric Lady

Basically, “It’s a primetime, for our love”.  I agree, regardless of my continual eligible bachelor status, haha.  But for two new, young lovers, this duet is perfect fuel for the burgeoning relationship.  This would be perfect for the bedroom; it’s got that ‘vibe’. Just sayin’!


Track 11

41sfgC3cRPL._SL500_AA280_Marsha Ambrosius featuring Ne-Yo, “Without You”

(Without You – Single

“Looking in the mirror / I’m all in my feelings / got me f–ked up out her / without you / Yeah you can call me crazy / f–k it I’m demented / I’m out of my head in this bead / without you / I can’t go long without you babe.”  Love’ll do  just what Marsha sang on the chorus.  She’s infatuated, he gone, and she’s to’ up from the flo’ up.  It’s kind of a turn on, right?


Track 12

91zMqP7d2NL._SL1500_Robin Thicke, “For The Rest of My Life” 

(Blurred Lines)

As hard as it may be to believe, “Blurred Lines” wasn’t the sole gem from Robin Thicke’s album of the same title.  “For The Rest of My Life” has much more substance than its addictive, 70s-soul favoring brother.  Here, Thicke definitely more chivalrous here: “For the rest of my life you know I wanna be yours…” What better way to close any soundtrack than a sincere, gentlemanlike statement that is “For the Rest of My Life”.  After all, Thicke has come a long, long way: “…You’d have nothing to do with me baby / thank God that you changed your mind.”


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