Justin Bieber #MusicMonday: “Hold Tight” Just So-So


Justin Bieber⎪ “Hold Tight” ⎪ Island Def Jam ⎪⎪ US Release Date: October 21, 2013

I’ll try to be nice, but it’s kinda difficult, particularly when there is plenty of room for criticism and scrutinization.  Let me say it this way.  Is it just me or is Justin Bieber’s Music Mondays starting to sound pretty much the same? (Please say this is a rhetorical question).  I actually get that Bieber has love and heartbreak on the mind  (it’s a common thinking point) but still!  Maybe Ray Charles and Norah Jones said it best when they said “here we go again”  on Grammy-winning record of the same title.

Justin Bieber2-20130716-50Hold Tight” is the latest love-oriented, contemporary R&B slow jam from the the teen pop star that is supposed to make all his adoring fans swoon (girls of course).   While the slick urban sounding production and even some of the vocal ad libs/runs appeal, the cut kinda just sits in the same place for me.  Sure, the sound sorta has that Drake quality going on (particularly T-Minus’s production style as it progresses), but for me, I’m still waiting on a less self-indulgent, truly different, and faster number to ‘knock me off my feet.’  “All That Matters” was a bit more appealing to me and maybe equally important it was shorter.  This cut just drags on too long.
I’m just NOT that into this one.  As Watsky says, “Sorry, NOT sorry.”


The #MusicMondays Hierarchy:

  1. “All That Matters”
  2. “Heartbreaker”
  3. “Hold Tight”

Verdict: ✰✰½

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