Short Take: Glenn Lewis, ‘Moment of Truth’

Glenn Lewis, Moment of Truth © Ruffhouse

An 11-year gap between albums only strengthens Lewis 

Glenn Lewis • Moment of Truth • Ruffhouse • US Release Date: October 15, 2013

In sports, a humongous point deficit often seems impossible to overcome.  Just when impossibility seems the forgone conclusion for the trailing, they somehow get their ‘second wind’ and comeback to be victorious.  For Glenn Lewis, 11 years seems like the ultimate deficit to overcome.  In music, being ‘out of the game’ for such a lengthy hiatus seems like career suicide. However, when the return proves to be triumphant and worthwhile like Lewis’ Moment of Truth, ’11 years’ feels like a meaningless number.

Lewis doesn’t reinvent R&B on his sophomore effort (follows up his 2002 debut World Outside My Window), but he does keep things traditional, classy, and soulful.  Over the course of 14 tracks, maturity and genuineness are conveyed by the Toronto singer/songwriter.  Among the highlights, the opening trio of “Time Soon Come“, “Ugly Face” and “Random Thoughts” proves to be nothing short of a juggernaut, highlighting both the beauty and control of Lewis’ pipes.  Though ‘old-school’ is employed, Lewis earns some ‘swagger’ points by referencing Twitter on chorus (or Facebook these days, #LOL). Promo single “Can’t Say Love” epitomizes adult R&B at its best, with Lewis classily singing “I can’t say love, no not without you / can’t say that word love / not without you…” Near the end, Lewis remains chivalrous-minded on the thoughtful “All I See Is You“.

Moment of Truth ends up being a fine, traditional R&B album in a time where the genre is struggling with ‘identity issues’ and the ‘sales bug’ plaguing albums regardless of genre. If the release of his sophomore album is truly a ‘moment of truth’ for the singer, well he passes the test with flying colors, no questions asked.  Perhaps he plays it too safe at times, but the voice and overall results are both indisputable and quite favorable.

Favorites: “Time Soon Come”; “Ugly Face”; “Random Thoughts”; “Can’t Say Love”; “All I See Is You”


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